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Last updated on April 18th, 2024 at 04:40 pm

Bookie Pay Per Head Demo – Finding the Right Pay Per headNow that you have made the decision to start a sports betting operation it’s time to find betting software. As shown in our guide to being a successful bookie, using a Bookie Pay Per Head is the most cost efficient way to operate a sportsbook.  However, not all Bookie PPH are equal.  Thus, the best way to find a trustworthy Pay Per Head is thru a Bookie Pay Per Head Demo.

This is because a Pay Per Head Demo allows you to experience the quality of the service and its software. In addition, using a demo also allows you to compare different Pay Per Head services.

By comparing Pay Per Head services, you will be able to see for yourself the advantages and disadvantages of using a specific Pay Per Head service.

Of course, offers the best bookie Pay Per Head service in the business.  However, but we do not expect you to just take our word for it.  This is why we give you more than just a Pay Per Head Demo. We give you a FREE Bookie Pay Per Head Trial for two weeks without needing a deposit nor personal information. In fact, it only takes a few seconds to experience our superior Pay Per Head products.

Try the Bookie Pay Per Head Demo

Our Pay Per Head Demo is actually a free two weeks trial.  All you have to do is answer 2 questions and you will be able to start right away.  In addition, since our Demo is an actual account, if you like our product and want to continue using it you just need to pay $5 or less per player once the trial is over.

The best part is that our Demo is the actual product.  Thus, you get to experience all of our services and even after the trial and choose to stay with us the products and features will remain the same.

Player Betting Website Demos

In addition to having the best Bookie Pay Per Head Software, can offer different Player Betting Website to your customers. This is because we have three already made player gambling websites your customers can use right away. Each sportsbook website is made with specific customers in mind. Thus, we have websites with an Asian betting platform, American Betting platform and a simple website for fast betting.

Of course, you can also request to have your own personalized player website that will meet your own specifications!

Account: MATCHBET / Password: p123456*.
MATCHBETWIN Bookie Pay Per Head Features


  • Easy to use player management system
  • Set player limits and access
  • Enable and disable player gambling options
  • Create and Edit your players
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Player figures
  • Intuitive and reliable reports
  • And much more


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  • Live Betting
  • Player Prop Bet Builder
  • horse racing
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  • access to our telephone service