How to Be a Bookie for Dummies

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How to Be a Bookie for DummiesMost people that bet on sports have at one point or another thought about becoming a bookie. There comes a time when you need to make a change in your life and if that change involves a change of career into the sportsbook industry then you will need this guide on How to be a Bookie for Dummies.

Of course, we are not saying you are a dummy; we are saying that being an online bookie is easy. From managing to marketing and all of the other fiddly bits, the world of bookmaking can be overwhelming. However, all you need is a little bit of knowledge, some seed money and the will to succeed. In addition,

These simple instructions will help pave the way for a smooth shift into the other side of sports betting. In addition, we have also included a bonus section on how to run a successful bookie operation. So without further ado, here is How to Be a Bookie for Dummies!

Get the Right Bookie Software and Services for your Bookie Operation

Unless you intend to hang out at a street corner with pen and paper you will need a bookie website. Today, a bookie website is an integral part of being a bookie as it will take wagers from  your clients 24/7. Thus, you will never miss out on a bet and allow you to easily track all of your players. In addition, your bookie website will also let you manage and analyze all of your players to maximize your profits.

Now, if you have a lot of money to invest, you can start from scratch.  This can be done by buying software and hiring a lines manager and a customer service staff.  However, there is a much easier way to be a bookie. It’s called the Bookie Pay Per Head Solution.

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 Using the Bookie Pay Per Head Solution to Become a Bookie

Starting a bookie operation does not have to be difficult.  In fact, you can be a bookie the fast and easy way with our Pay Per Head Solution. This is because a bookie Pay Per Head provides you and your players a complete sportsbook solution without breaking the bank.  This is because a Bookie PPH service gives you a full sportsbook software and website for only a few dollars.

For example, by using, the best sportsbook pay per head provider you only pay $5 per player every week. In exchange, will give you and your players the following services:


  • Easy to use player management system
  • Set player limits and access
  • Complete Control over your Bookie Operation
  • Create and Edit your players
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Player figures
  • Intuitive and reliable reports
  • And much more


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In addition, you will not have to worry about any extra overhead cost like building and server space. This is because the PPH will take care of everything else like a fully trained IT staff, CS and more. In conclusion, a Bookie PPH is the complete solution for an easy to setup bookie operation because they do everything.  The only thing you will have to worry about is acquiring new clients for your business.

How to Be Bookie the fast and Easy Way

There are several ways to become a bookie but the fastest and easiest way is by using the Bookie PPH solution. This is because there is no hassle nor pressure. You just try it out for 2 weeks with no personal information or deposit necessary. It can’t get any simpler then that!

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How to become a Bookie without a banker or investor at the outset

You don’t need a banker or investor for your bookie operationSince you will be using a Bookie Pay Per Head Provider, the initial cost of being a bookie will be small.  In addition, you will be able to control payouts because you will be the one setting wagering limits for your players.

Thus, consider your savings, investments and salable assets and you will see that you probably have enough to get started. If done carefully, you can be a bookie with as little as $500 if you only take small bets.

As your bookie business grows and becomes more successful, than you may want to consider expanding by getting an investor.

Tips for a Successful Bookie Operation

Tips for a Successful Bookie OperationKnow which hats you wear best

The advantage of using a sportsbook pay per head service is that you only have to worry about players. This means that your job is to find them, retain them, make them happy and collect money.

Profitability first and rewards second
First and foremost, being a bookie is being a business owner.  In order to be a successful bookie, you must earn profits before you can earn the rewards from it.  In addition, to understand profitability, you must first measure your cash flow and understand your key financial ratios.

Develop a Passion for Learning

If you want to have a successful bookie operation you must be able to adapt to different circumstance.  As your online bookie grows, you need to change and grow with it. In order to do that, you must be able to learn and adapt.

Now that you know How to be a Bookie, its time to turn it into a reality with!

The fastest way to become a bookie is by using the Pay Per Head Services. This is because it only takes a few minutes to open your agent account and start taking wagers right away. The best part is that our services only cost $5 Per Player with no deposit or commitment necessary!

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