What is a Bookie Pay Per Head Service

What is a Bookie Pay Per Head ServiceAnyone that has ever thought about becoming a bookie has heard about the Pay Per Head Solution.  However, not everyone knows What is a Bookie Pay Per Head service and how it actually works.  Thus, we explain how a PPH service works and how it is responsible for the expansion of the gambling industry.

A Bookie Pay Per Head is a service that allows bookies to operate a gambling website at an affordable price. This is because any type of gambling operation needs a operation a gambling, a support staff, a website and infrastructure.  However, the startup cost for such an operation can easily run close to a million dollars.  Furthermore, the infrastructure upkeep and staff cost can also become expensive after a while.

What a Bookie Pay Per Head Service does is provide all of these services and only charges a small fee per player. The PPH provider bills the bookie every week and only cost $5 to $25 per player.  The fee will depend on the provider and the features they offer. Furthermore, the best price in the industry come from PricePerPlayer.com which offers all of its services for only $5 per player.

Since we are talking about details, let’s go over what a Bookie PPH service offers its clients.

What do I get for Using a Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Even though they are several sportsbook pay per head providers, most offer the same basic services.  The difference between these services is generally due to prices, hours of operation and extra features.

Here are the basic features you receive for using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head provider:

  • Sports Betting Software
  • Player Management Tools
  • Sportsbook Management Tools
  • Reporting Tools
  • Telephone sports wagering for Players
  • Players Gambling Website
  • Sports Betting
  • Live In-Game Sports Betting
  • Horse Betting
  • Online Casino
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • 24/7 Customer Service for Players

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Explaining How a Pay Per Head Service Working

How a Pay Per Head Service works is actually very simple and is not rocket science.  This is because an agent is basically outsourcing the employees, servers, infrastructure and gambling software of a PPH company.

Just think of it as leasing all of the components necessary to run a sportsbook minus the players and the advertisement. Of course, the PPH provider does not handle any kind of financial transactions.  What it does though is keep track of it for the bookie and its players.  Thus, it is often seen as a data management company for gambling operations.

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