Bookies Upgrading their Business using a Pay Per Head Solution

Last updated on January 8th, 2019 at 01:13 am

Sportsbooks are a popular option for people who want to gamble. You do earn a lot of money from betting on sports, after all. But the potential for earning a lot more, and earning on the regular, can come from running your own sportsbook. And this, is not a difficult thing to do.

Of course, back in the day sportsbooks were run manually. Your stereotype bookie from all these movies show men with notebooks scribbling down bets, or men in suits with ledgers and cigars. But being a bookie today requires little writing and less dramatics. One great example for this would be checking out and see how easy it is to be a bookie today.

Modernize Your Business with a Bookie Pay Per Head

The concept of a pay per head is simple. It is you hiring the software services of a company to run your business. But, instead of paying hundreds of thousands, you are only paying a small amount. The amount will depend on the number of active players you have on a weekly basis. This means you are only paying for services that you use, and you are definitely not overpaying. Here are some of the features you can enjoy with a bookie pay per head:

Player Management. Your pay per head provider will keep information on your player to generate reports to help you manage your players. From here you can see your player’s behavior, and adjust your limits accordingly.

Line Management. Same with above, your pay per head provider will tell you about how your lines are doing. Qnd affecting your bottom line. You can easily adjust your lines to suit your needs as well.

Platform. Your players will have a site to place their bets on. This simplifies your process since all they do is log in, bet, and wait for the results. On your end, you won’t need to balance your book manually since you can see in your own dashboard how the lines and wagers are in a certain game. Again, everything is automated so you can focus on getting more players.

Support. Your pay per head provider comes with bonus features like online casinos and racebooks to keep your players busy and betting. Not only that, but payouts will be automatic as well. You also have technical support to help you with your questions. Your players also have 24/7 customer service through different channels so your bookie operation not only works seamlessly. But looks very put-together, secure, reliable, and professional.

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