October 9, 2017

Sportsbook Revenue Calculator

How Much Money Can I Make from Owning a Sportsbook?

How much money does a bookie makeIf you have ever thought about opening your own sportsbook, one of the biggest question you have asked yourself is how much revenue does a sportsbook make?To give you an idea of the potential earnings a sportsbook can give you,  The combined sportsbook handle (number of bets taken) of Las Vegas Sportsbooks in the last 4 years averages to around $5 billion per year. They have an average hold %(how much they earn from the wagers they take) of 7.13% giving them an average revenue of  $356 million per year!

They are many factors that will determine how much revenue your sportsbook can make you but to give you an idea, we have created this simplified Sportsbook Revenue calculator.

Today, almost everyone can become a bookie thanks to our sports betting software and Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services.  So use the Sportsbook Revenue calculator on the right and see how much earning potential you could earn from owning your own sportsbook!

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