Common Bookie Blunders When Starting Your Own Sportsbook

When you are investing your time and money to start your very own business, its important that you get everything perfect. Every single aspect of your business operations should run smoothly, with every detail carefully planned. With so many different ways to manage a sportsbook, its easy to make mistakes. In our latest bookie tutorial, we will help you by sharing the most common bookie blunders that we have seen.

When you learn how to become a bookie, you will find out the different ways you can create your own online sportsbook. From larger, more expensive ventures, to more affordable and easily managed software, you can find one that will suit your budget and your fit with your goals. So before you start with the logistics of starting your sportsbook, there are a few things for you to determine. You need to figure out the scale of your operations. Next, figure out how you plan to do things, and how much you are willing to invest. So when starting out with your sportsbook, watch out for these errors. Or, if you are in the early stages of your operations, watch out for the common mistakes that bookies make.

Common Bookie Blunders

  • Common Bookie Blunders When Starting Your Own SportsbookNo Funding. As mentioned above, you need to know what your budget and size of operations is. If you want a larger sportsbook, then you need to spend more. There are industry-preferred options, like a bookie pay per head service, which is very affordable. Scalability is also not an issue here. A pay per head software can help you with a large sportsbook of a thousand players. It is also just as capable in helping you with your sportsbook of 50 players. Funding your sportsbook for payouts will be your biggest expense. If you cannot afford to give the payouts due to funding errors, then your sportsbook is as good as gone.
  • No Player Management. Never be content to just watch your players bet and look at the bottom line. You also have to look at their betting habits. You can have a very profitable player on your hands. Or, you could have a sharp who will bleed you out if you are not careful. In addition, you can discover arbitrage bettors from the amount they bet. If you fail to look at the behaviors of your players, then you will miss out on crucial moves, such as increasing limits to high rollers. You can also fail to decrease the limits (or the removing) of sharps and other shady bettors.
  • Delayed Line Movement. If you are using a pay per head service, you will have the lines readily available for you to view in real time. These numbers are carefully created by industry experts. This is what you call white label sports betting, or turnkey sportsbooks. But you will still need to tweak these lines based on the wagers that you are getting from your players. So, if you take too long before checking the lines, you might find yourself too overwhelmed with wagers on one side. Keep in mind that sharps look for bookies with weak lines, and their betting can cost you a lot of money. This can be a bit challenging, especially during peak season, such as the playoffs or the postseason of the NFL or the NBA.
  • Bad Software. If your bookie software only has the bare basics, then you will be held back in terms of what you can do with your sportsbook. It is very important to use the best available software. Cost should not be a problem, as the best pay per head software can be found at a very affordable $5 per player.

If you can prevent these things from happening, then you can focus on earning more from your sportsbook. Even if your sportsbook is just new, you can easily establish yourself in the industry. As long as you offer an attractive, easy to use sportsbook site and use a very efficient bookie software, then earning more will be a lot easier for you.


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