Connecticut Online Sports Betting Launch On Hold

The Connecticut online sports betting market is scheduled to launch tomorrow, as previously reported by many pay per head blog sources. However, there will be a delay in the launch of the Connecticut online sports betting industry, and online wagering in the state will not be allowed for an unknown period.. But why would the much-anticipated launch be delayed? Let’s find out.

For those who want to know how to be a successful bookie, you should know that timing is everything. To be missing out on sports betting during these months are generally not good for sportsbooks. You are, after all, getting a lot of baseball action now. College sports are coming back, and the NFL is on its 5th week as well. Even a week of delay is going to cost Connecticut sportsbooks in potential revenue.

Connecticut Online Sports Betting

Connecticut Online Sports Betting Launch On HoldThe postponement of online sports betting in the state is caused by a delay in the publication of the Memorandums of Understanding in the federal register. While it is not that complicated a reason, it will still delay the timeline a bit. Currently, the government is working on coordinating with licensees. This gives all parties the opportunity to fine-tune and finalize the details of the launch of both retail and online sports betting. For those waiting for online sports betting, the residents of Connecticut will have three options on where they can bet.

Of course, as anyone who uses a PPH sportsbook would appreciate, online betting is very convenient. Its easy to access, and you only need a phone or a laptop to place your bets. However, retail sports betting still has an appeal to certain sports bettors. And for those who wish to place their bets in Connecticut and cannot wait for online sportsbooks, they can always go to brick and mortar sportsbooks. Retail sportsbooks opened last week, with Governor Ned Lamont placing the first ever sports wager in Connecticut.


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