Guide to Korean Baseball Betting for Bookies

Guide to Korean Baseball Betting for BookiesIn the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, sports bettors and bookies are left with almost no sports to bet on. However, as some countries are recovering faster then others, some foreign sports leagues are once again taking place.  The South Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) is one such baseball league that is now beginning its season.  Thus, this is a perfect opportunity for online sportsbooks to start making money again.  Therefore, here is our Guide to Korean Baseball Betting for Bookies to maximize your Korean Baseball Betting profits.

The reason behind our Guide to Korean Baseball Betting for Bookies is because ESPN is now broadcasting KBO games. Thus, baseball fans looking to watch and bet on baseball, will want to place a bet on the KBO. However, even if Bookie Pay Per Head Providers offers KBO odds, understanding KBO betting is key to making a profit.

Since is familiar with the Korean Gambling market, we know exactly what bookmakers need to integrate Korean sports betting. This is because we while the differences are subtle, these differences can mean making a profit or taking a loss.

Korean Baseball Betting for Bookies

In general, betting on the KBO is not very different than betting on the MLB. This is because gamblers have the same betting options such as the money line, run line and total. In addition, the KBO is made up of only 10 baseball teams while there are 30 in the MLB.

Apart from having less games (5 per day), the main difference are the totals.  This is because in the KBO, the totals are usually between 9.5 to 11.5 run range. In addition, the KBO allows games to end in ties after 12 innings.  However, in the MLB, both teams keep playing until a team wins the game.  Thus, it is essential to take that in consideration while setting up your odds.

Overall, a good betting software and platform will take care of the baseball odds for the bookie.  However, it is best to advertise the different baseball game rules to your players before they start betting.

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