Indiana Online Sports Betting Market Drives Possible Expansion

Indiana online sports betting accounted for 91% of all sports betting wagers in the state for 2021. It’s the best indicator that the convenience of being able to wager through their phones and computers of success. And legislators are taking notice of this. In fact, they are now considering other gambling options that they can allow online.

When you learn how to be a bookie with a pay per head software, you can then offer not just sports betting, but online casino gaming as well. You can offer poker, baccarat, other casino table games, and slots online. This has the potential to generate more action, therefore more revenue. And for Indiana, it could mean a higher collection from tax revenue.

Indiana Online Sports Betting and Casino Gaming

Indiana Online Sports Betting Market Drives Possible ExpansionAs mentioned earlier, online sports betting in the state accounts for 91% of the total sports bets made in the previous year. The total sports betting handle for 2021 for Indiana is $3.82 billion. So, $3.49 billion worth of wagers came from online sportsbooks. Indiana is known for having a great fan base for sports. Aside from the NBA’s Indiana Pacers, the state is also home to strong and popular college teams such as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Indiana Hoosiers. Of course, lets’ not forget the Indianapolis Colts, one of the most popular NFL teams.

In the most recent monthly sports betting report in the state, Indiana online software sportsbook sites collected $429.8 million. This is 93% of the total monthly handle for $463 million. This number is actually a bit lower than November 2021’s $463.68, where the mobile handle is $430.13 million. Now, lawmakers will tackle two bills that will legalize iGaming in the state. The bills plan to legalize casino games in online sportsbooks to capitalize on the huge online gambling market that the state has.


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