March Madness: A Bookie Guide to Final Four and Championship Betting

Last updated on February 16th, 2024 at 03:52 pm

The NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament is one of the best sports tournaments in the country. Also known as March Madness, it is one of the most sports tournament to watch. However, for sportsbooks and bookies, it is more than that. This is because it is also very profitable for them as it provides a high sports betting handle. Thus, for bookmakers trying to profit from it our bookie guide to Final Four and Championship betting will help you do that!

Before we begin, let’s talk a bit more about the basketball tournament.

For existing sportsbooks and bookies, there is no doubt about the profitability of March Madness. However, for those that are thinking about how to be a bookie, you need to know how a tournament runs, so it will be easier for you to plan your sportsbook operation well. The NCAA basketball tournament starts with  Selection Sunday and ends with the Championship game. Thus, it goes from from 68 teams to two. However, there is a process which ends with the Final Four and the the final game!

As always, it is always an exciting path down to the finals. A lot of people who bet on sportsbooks had action on the No. 1 seeds. But in a surprising twist, all four of the No. 1 seeds have been eliminated. With new players in the Final Four, it will be an unpredictable championship season.

Your Bookie Guide to Final Four and Championship Betting

March Madness: A Bookie Guide to Final Four and Championship BettingYour first job as a bookie is to get the numbers for the upcoming games. The priority is to know the Final Four, then be immediately ready for the Championship game as soon as the results as out. You will need to look at the betting lines, and the history of the teams in the postseason. Its best to have an idea of what to expect with these games so you can anticipate any outcome possible.

Next, you need to always check the betting lines in your sportsbook. The bookie pay per head software that you use will be providing you with the best sports betting lines and those will change as needed. Given that this is the semi finals and the final game, you will be getting a lot more action in your sportsbook. It will be important to check the wagers and see if you will need to adjust the lines in case one side of a wager will get too heavy.

Lastly, be there on game time. Since in-play betting is widely popular, its very profitable to manage all your wagers. Even if we are down to just a few more games left, you can earn a lot from college ball. Of course, be ready to release your payouts in a timely manner. You have payouts for the remaining games, as well as futures wagers to release.


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