Micro Betting is the Perfect Betting Platform for Budget Bettors

Micro Betting is the Perfect Betting Platform for Budget BettorsLive Betting or in-game betting has been around for 2 decades and is rapidly growing in popularity. Like any good sports betting software, it is evolving and branching out into better things. In this case, we are talking about Micro Betting. In fact, Micro Betting is the Perfect Platform for Budget Bettors and entry level gamblers. This is because of the way it differs itself from normal in-game betting.

One of the reasons is because they have low limits. The average micro bet is under $5 while normal sports wagers usually have a $5 minimum limit. Thus, micro bets make new players more comfortable betting on sport since the risk is low. However, that is only part of it.

Similar to a live betting platform, Micro betting allows gamblers to wager on a game after it has begun. The difference is that they are on individual moments in a game that have no relation to the final score. Therefore, like in-play betting the wager occurs in real-time. However, bets will be graded much faster. This is because the outcome of the bet has nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

Needless to say, this type of fast and low-cost sports gambling action is ideal for new bettors on a budget. Furthermore, amateur gamblers do not have to watch an entire game to know whether they won or not. Since the wager is on a specific part of a game, sportsbooks are able to grade it within minutes.

Micro Betting is the Perfect Betting Platform for New Bettors and Bookies

With the 2022-23 College football Bowls season around the corner, sportsbooks are going all out with micro betting. In fact, live betting providers expect to have thousands of micro bets available for NCAA football in December and January.

Interestingly enough, Micro betting is perfect for football, baseball and basketball because of the way the scoring works.  In soccer and tennis, the rules are setup where the next point can determine whether they will win or lose. However, for those sports where anything can happen, micro betting is ideal.

Needless to say, this increases the number of betting options from a few hundred to few thousand of betting options. For bookies whose livelihood depends on more is better, this is the perfect betting platform for them.

For new players, this a great opportunity to learn how to bet on sport without the anxiety of waiting until the end of the game.

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