NFL Opening Weekend Betting Results

The NFL Opening weekend was a very busy time for those who manage their Price Per Head Sportsbook. With the most lucrative sports league for sports betting kicking off, we are looking at millions of wagers placed in sportsbooks across the country. The numbers are in, and it shows that we are off to a good start, ushering in what looks like a record year for football betting.

The NFL season started with an exciting game between the Buffalo Bills and defending champion Los Angeles Rams. In case you were living under a rock, the Bills won 31-10. This game started a series of games up until Sunday, with reports looking at a record of 103.1 million in betting volume this year. This gives us slightly above 70% more wagers than the NFL opening weekend last year.

NFL Opening Weekend Data: Where are the Bets Coming From?

NFL Opening Weekend Betting ResultsIf we look at where the NFL wagers come from, are looking at states that offer both retail and online sports betting. While retail sportsbooks are popular, using online bookie software and the like still remains the most lucrative channel for sports betting. New York is the perfect example, gaining billions in handle since launching online sports betting.

Naturally, New York tops the list with a 15.3% share of the total NFL wagers made last weekend. Pennsylvania is a close second at 14.8%, while New Jersey is at 13.1%. The other states with the most NFL wagers are from Michigan (9.4%), Illinois (7.8%), Arizona (7%), Virginia (5.9%), Indiana (4.6%), Tennessee (4.5%), Kansas (3.5%), and other states at 14.1%.

These numbers indicate that there is a very strong demand for sports betting in the state, and that this demand continues to grow. With more and more states legalizing sports betting, we can easily see the numbers increase as the months pass by. So far, there are 31 states (and Washington, D.C.) that offer sports betting. Five other states have legalized sports betting, but these markets have not gone live yet.


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