Online Sports Betting in California Up for Vote

To say that legalizing online sports betting in California has been a chaotic process is an understatement. The demand for sports betting is very high. But with so many interested parties, and multiple legislation hoping to legalize it, coming up with a policy amenable to everyone has been unsuccessful so far. Will we see online sports betting in California soon? That will depend on California residents. This is because there are two sports betting bills up for voting this November.

In the upcoming elections, voters will get the chance to vote on two ballot measures involving sports betting. The first measure aims to allow sports betting software use for online wagering. And the other ballot measure aims to allow sports betting in retail tribal casinos and the state’s 4 horse tracks only.

Online Sports Betting in California

Online Sports Betting in California Up for VoteWill the bill on online sports betting pass, or can the state pass both measures? Technically, both measures, if they get enough votes, could be implemented. Assuming if course that there will be no contradictions between the terms of the two bills. If, however, both bills pass, then the bill which gets the greatest number of “yes” votes will be the policy to take effect. So whether California residents will see online gambling or retail betting will depend on how the voters will decide.

If the online sports betting bill passes, this will allow online sportsbook operators to partner with federally recognized tribes to offer online sportsbook apps to bettors in the state. Given that there are over 40 million living in California, many in the sports betting industry would want to see the online wagering bill pass. Of course, there is always the option of using a pay per head sportsbook software. Especially if you want to get ahead in the game and enjoy a wider customer base than just one state.


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