Pro League Network Raises Funds to Launch Made-for-Wagering Sports

To make your bookie business more profitable, always look for ways to keep your players happy. You can boost customer satisfaction by offering promotions on events they like to bet on.  You can also offer them new betting options. If you want to do the latter, then you should look into events similar to what the Pro League Network offers. Let us look at Pro League Network, and find out what their latest fund raiser can bring the sports and sports betting industry.

What is the Pro League Network?

Pro League Network Raises Funds to Launch Made-for-Wagering SportsThe Pro League Network, or PLN, brings exclusive and fun sports that are “made for wagering”. This startup offers unique sports events and leagues. Sportsbooks can offer these events to fill the empty spots left in the sports calendar. Here are some of the 16 unique sports events that they own:

  1. Slapfighting. This is a duel of sorts but the goal is to slap your opponent as hard as you can.
  2. CarJitsu. It is car jujitsu. Opponents fight in the car and can use features of the car itself, like seatbelts, to pin each other.
  3. Mini Golf. They operate the World Putting League, a mini-pro golf league.
  4. BeastBall. This is a gladiator-like one-on-one event whose rules derive from rugby.
  5. Str33t. This is a 3×3 pro streetball-style basketball league. This is a joint venture project with NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett’s Big Ticket Sports.

The Pro League Network’s Fundraising and Goals

Pro League Network Raises Funds to Launch Made-for-Wagering SportsThe PLN recently raised $2.2 million to sell its niche sports products. They will also allow sports betting operators to offer the products to bettors. Currently, the PLN airs from their Missouri studio. They stream their events on social media and other online platforms. They also regulate these events for sports betting.

Over the next year, PLN will focus on four sports in its portfolio. You have CarJitsu, the World Putting League, Slapfight Championship, and Str33t. The Slapfight Championship became their first sport approved for betting. Other events are already allowed in certain betting markets. As absurd as some of these sports may seem, they are already gaining popularity and engagement from audiences have increased since they launched.

Why is the PLN Relevant in the Sports Betting Industry?

The PLN prioritizes gambling in its operations. They work their schedule around slow times in the sports betting calendar. For example, they schedule their events on days with few or no basketball, baseball, or football games. Thus, people will never run out of events to bet on. PLN basically creates and produces sports leagues and events specifically for sportsbooks.

Why is Niche Sports Betting Important for Bookies?

Pro League Network Raises Funds to Launch Made-for-Wagering SportsNiche betting can be a great opportunity for you to earn more as a bookie. This is why, when you look at the events in your bookie pay per head software, you will see a lot of sports events. First, you have the most popular sports leagues. These include the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB. There are also other popular local tournaments. Second, you also have lines on regional and world sports events. For example, the UEFA Champions League and the Olympics. Then, you have less mainstream options that generate activity, like table tennis. In February 2024, sportsbooks in Colorado took in $12.6 million in wagers in table tennis.

Niche sports may seem small compared to the big pro leagues. But, they are still very profitable for sportsbooks. The more betting products you offer, the more you can earn. A few years down the line, sports like pickleball or Str33t may help your sportsbook earn enough. They can cover your sportsbook when you need more options. This can happen when the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB are in the off-season.


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