Sports Betting in Arkansas Hits Record High in September

Its football season, and no one loves it more than sportsbooks. Football betting is one of the best ways on how bookies make money, as it is the most popular sport in the US. The start of the football season is around September, when both NCAA football and the National Football League (NFL). And for the gambling industry in the US, it also means that sportsbooks will start getting busy again. And sports betting in Arkansas is a good example of this. Not only does the state report a higher handle than the previous month, but its sportsbooks also set the highest betting handle record since its launch back in 2019.

In September, the total sports betting handle of Arkansas sportsbooks as at $21.18 million. This is a welcome surprise for the state, since the highest betting handle recorded by the state is only $12.6 million back in June. Those in the industry expect a surge in handle, but not this high. This gives sportsbooks in the state a rough average of $706,000 wagered daily through the month.

Sports Betting in Arkansas Shows Larger Market

Sports Betting in Arkansas Hits Record High in SeptemberSports betting in Arkansas started back in July 2019. However, all wagers on sports are made in brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, which are located in three casinos in the state. It was not until early of this year that these casinos were allowed to offer online sports betting. With good security measures and a good gambling call center, offering online wagering is practical, safe, and very convenient for residents. Since its launch back in 2019, Arkansas has seen around $209 million in wagers.

Mobile or online sports betting remains to be the most popular option for wagering, taking up 74% of the wagers the state made. That’s $15.7 million in betting handle. With the arrival of football season, the activity will likely be the same, or increase. And when basketball season, especially the NBA, starts in October, the handle will increase even more. And since we are now seeing online sportsbooks in the state, the year-on-year betting numbers will likely be astronomical as well.


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