What to Track in Your Sportsbook

Learning how to open a sportsbook is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing how to properly run a sportsbook is the skill set that you will need to learn well. And one of the best ways to run your sportsbook, is to know what is going on in every aspect of your business. For instance, your sportsbook’s activity will be a huge indicator for action, potential revenue, and see any trends or growth in activity and revenue. Here is a quick guide on what to track in your sportsbook.

One of the most important jobs of a bookie is to balance the lines of each wager. The closer you get to even wagers on both sides, the better it is for your book. So, tracking the activity in your sportsbook should take priority. Thankfully, your online bookie software will be able to easily display the wagers that you have in your sportsbook. This makes it easy for you to see where the wagers are, and be able to manage your lines easily.

What to Track in Your Sportsbook

What to Track in Your SportsbookAside from the wagers, you also want to keep track of where the wagers are made. This will help you know which sports leagues are popular in your sportsbook. Even more, You will also be able to see the trends in your sportsbook. If you compile your sportsbook data, you will see which sports are popular at a particular month each year. For example, winter is usually a busy season with the NFL, NHL and the NBA, plus college sports running. Check which sports leagues are most bet on by your players, and you can find out ways to get them to bet more on their favorite sport, or try out another league.

You will also want to see who are placing bets in your sportsbook. Now, in a pay per head service, you are paying for each player weekly. Thankfully, you only pay for players who are active each week. And the vig that you get from each player’s wager should cover any overhead fees, if that is your concern. But knowing your players’ betting habits can help you more with marketing, and with other efforts that you will make to maintain and increase your sportsbook revenue. Remember that information is integral to your business’s survival and growth. With your pay per head software, it should be very easy for you to access it.


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