Where Does a Bookie Get Betting Lines From?

As a bookie, you will have to be able to source your very own tools and betting lines for your online sportsbook. There are a lot of ways you can do this, but when you learn how to be a bookie from experts, you will see that there are better and more practical options to use. If you are wondering where does a bookie get betting lines from, then you are in the right page.

First of all, your betting lines is the main product of your sportsbook. While it looks easy to just copy the lines from popular sportsbooks, this is actually time-consuming, and impractical. If you do not know how betting odds are made, and why the lines move, then you have no business inventing your own lines.

Some bookies who start their own sportsbooks do so because they are also passionate about sports, sports betting, and oddsmaking. For this scenario, its understandable for you to create your own betting lines. But with hundreds and even thousands of sports wagers players can choose from each day, it is very impractical to do this on your own. Can you imagine working on wagers from the NBA to the NFL, all the way to Asian baseball, and everything in between every day?


Where Does a Bookie Get Betting Lines?

Where Does a Bookie Get Betting Lines From?A simple solution to this is to use a pay per head bookie software. This option is very practical because you do not need to spend your waking hours making odds. The software service includes betting lines made by experienced oddsmakers. This leaves you more time to focus on new player registration and current player management. It also gives you time to manage these lines, and move them as you see fit.

A bookie software is also very affordable, so it is a very practical option for bookies. The other option is to hire your own oddsmakers and build your own sportsbook with a team. This is an expensive endeavor that also takes time, so it will be very challenging for you.

With a pay per head software so affordable, and ready to use, it remains to be the number one option that bookies use to get the best betting lines, and offer the best software for bookies.


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