How a Pay Per Head Software Helps with the Holiday Betting Rush

How a Pay Per Head Software Helps with the Holiday Betting RushThe holiday season is upon us. And for those in the sports betting industry, it means a very busy season for wagering. Winter is the busiest season for sports betting in the US. You have the both collegiate and professional basketball and football, hockey, and other sporting events that will fill your calendar with games and matches that you can earn money from. And this is where a pay per head software comes in.

If you plot all of the games for the NFL, the NBA, NHL, NCAAF and NCAAB, then you will be dealing with more than a handful of games daily, and even more during the weekends. For each game, dozens of wagers can be placed by a single player. So if you add up all of the possible bets you can get during this season, then you know that you cannot handle it all yourself.

A pay per head software will help you manage all of these wagers, and help you manage your players’ limits, betting lines, and all the other things you need to keep track of, like deposits and payouts.


What is a Pay Per Head Software

If you are wondering what a bookie pay per head service is, its pretty easy to understand. You pay a flat fee for every player you have in your sportsbook each week. But how it works is twofold. First, you get a software where you can view all of the betting lines available. With this, you can move any of these lines at any time through the software.

You can also add player profiles, and set the limits for your players. You can set a minimum and maximum bet amount across the board. Or, you can set a limit per player, which allows you to fully customize your operation. Next, you have the sportsbook where your players can place their wagers. Once a wager is placed, you can immediately see it in your bookie website. Likewise, any adjustments that you will make in your sportsbook will, in real time, be reflected in your sportsbook.

So, even if you are dealing with a day full of hockey, football, basketball and other sports games, you will not be too frazzled from checking every single wager coming in. With an increased efficiency in sportsbook management, your pay per head software will definitely help you manage your busy holiday season well.


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