The Ups and Downs in Sports Betting in Louisiana

Sports betting in Louisiana is performing the same way that other states across the country have in July. But even though the handle is lower than previous months, the revenue numbers are more promising. When you learn how to start a bookie business, you will learn about how you interpret the numbers you get in your sportsbook. For instance, when it comes to the betting the handle, seeing less wagers may seem like a bad thing.

But if you go deeper, you will see that it could be something that the whole sports betting in general is experiencing, and not due to your players not wanting to bet on your sportsbook. Its more likely that there are less events to bet on, which reflects in your handle.

Ups and Downs in Sports Betting in Louisiana

The Ups and Downs in Sports Betting in LouisianaIn Louisiana, for instance, the total retail and online sportsbooks in the state have a $118.3 million monthly handle. This is 10% less than June’s handle. Online sports betting took in the lion’s share at $103.3 million, while retail sportsbooks have $15 million in wagers for July. The dip in handle is similar to other states, which indicates a common denominator as a cause: which is a slow sports calendar. Your per head sportsbook software can help you generate reports that will enable you to do as we are now, and compare your operations to the current affairs of betting markets.

But Louisiana has a $20.6 million revenue from sports betting. This is nearly double the $10.65 million in June. Online sports betting launched back in January this year, so we have no year-on-year numbers to compare it with, but similar to other betting markets, the month really is slow-moving. Having a revenue that is nearly double the previous month is a good sign, and it means that even through sportsbooks took in less wagers, they actually earned more. So, when you are taking a look at your sportsbook numbers, make sure to go over everything, so you can get the bigger picture and see where your sportsbook stands.


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