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May 4, 2017

About – A sports betting software provider

About PricePerPlayer

With over 75 years of combined sportsbook development experience, PricePerPlayer is the hottest sports betting platform provider Company in the world of online gambling. is located in Central America and has several known customers in the online gaming industry. With several key integrated partners worldwide, PricePerPlayer provides the most open gaming platform and product package to ensure the very best and most flexible sports betting solution available.

An Innovative Betting Software Development Company

PricePerPlayer prides itself on product innovation and technical excellence that makes it the technology provider and betting platform of choice for sportsbooks, bookies, agents, operators and other betting organizations around the world. PricePerPlayer products include Sportsbook, digital and live dealer casinos, live betting, website design, and customer service.

At the same time, continues to develop and improve its gambling services and platforms staying ahead of the curve. In addition, also offers integrated sportsbook solutions to establish new and existing sportsbook around the world.

A Pay Per Head Company you can Count on

As an all around gambling software provider, PricePerPlayer also has a sportsbook pay per head service available. Using proprietary software, opening a sportsbook has never been easier. All you have to do is register online, with no personal information necessary, your customers can start right away.

More information about our Pay Per Head services

A Known and Trusted Company

PricePerPlayer is known and trusted in the world of bookmakers for being a company that provides quality products and services while at the same time being professional, courteous and willing to go out of its way to give all of its customers what they want in a gaming platform.