Marketing Tips for a Successful Gaming Business – Player Acquisition

Marketing Tips for a Successful Gaming Business If you have been reading our series on Starting an Online Gaming Operation, you are ready for the next step. Obviously, no matter what kind of business you have, you need customers to buy or use your services and products. Therefore, our next tutorial is about maximizing player acquisition with our Marketing Tips for a Successful Gaming Business.

If you have been following our bookie tutorials step-by-step, you already have a good idea about your players’ demographics. In case you decide to hire an online marketing company, then you are all set. This is because you can simply give them that information for them to start a marketing campaign.

However, if you want to save money and do it yourself, this is where this tutorial comes in handy! In this section, we go over marketing techniques that work best for sports bettors, casino players and gamblers in general. Just keep in mind that there is no advertising technique that is 100% effective. A good marketing campaign will be a combination of different factors on different advertising platforms.

Marketing Tips for a Successful Gaming Business – Value of a Player

Before we begin, it is important to note that a successful gambling marketing campaign is when you make an actual profit. This means the profit from the revenue is higher than the cost of operation and the marketing.

However, since we are talking about a Gaming operation a few other factors are taken into consideration. First, this is not a store it is an online sportsbook which means they are all potentially long-term clients.

An average recreational gambler will wager about $1,000 per month and bring around $70-$100 in monthly revenue. With this in mind, most sportsbooks will spend between $100-$300 to acquire one active player. Furthermore, they will assume that it will take between 3-6 months before they can start seeing a profit from their players. The length of time will vary for each gambling operation depending on the welcome bonus they gave out.

Marketing Tips for a Successful Gaming Business – Acquiring Players

Marketing Tips for a Successful Gaming Business – Acquiring PlayersNow that we know the value of a player, let’s talk about the basic method of acquiring new gamblers. We have already written several tutorials on how to acquire players and will just list them in this article. For further details, just take a look at our tutorials on how to be a bookie.

Content Marketing – This is where you publish articles of interest to potential players from betting picks, to strategies, injury news and such.

SEO – This is a strategy where you try to rank as high as you can on search engines for gambling keywords.

Email Marketing – Send emails to potential clients about your business. In order to be cost-effective, the list must be for specific sports betting or casino clients. A good email marketing strategy will target specific interest with the appropriate content.

Media Buys – This is about advertising your gambling services on specific websites or venue.

Social Media Marketing – Start your sportsbook social media page on all major social media network from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram and such. Do not forget to update your social media account on a regular basis.

Videos Marketing– People love videos and creating videos about sports betting or casinos is a good way to get players.

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