Starting a Gaming Website – The Gambling Software and Platform

Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 08:33 am

Starting a Gaming Website In part two of our Starting an Online Gaming Operation series, we went over the foundation of a gaming operation. In part three of our series, we go over Starting a Gaming Website by choosing the right Gambling Software.

Before we start, let’s talk about two of the core components of your gaming website. Yes, we are talking about the Gaming software and the platform. For newcomers to the sports and casino gambling industry, there is often a misconception about software and platform being interchangeable. While their usage is often in conjunction with one another, they are quite different.

The Gambling Software is just what it sounds like. It is essentially the brain of the operation as it takes care of wagers, odds, player management and much more.  On the other hand, we have the Gambling Platform which is why ties everything together.

The Gaming Platform is a way to integrate different gaming software under one roof and manage the website. For example, if you want to add an online casino from a different company, then you need a gaming. Of course, the gaming platform does much more then that depending on what you get. Good platforms will be able to integrate an iGaming Payment Management System, different type of casinos, affiliate programs and more.

Starting a Gaming Website –Choosing Right Gambling Software and Platform

The Right Gambling Software

First, what kind of gaming operation do you intend to have?  Will you only take sports bets or will you be an online casino or poker room? Perhaps you are thinking about being all-in-one sportsbook that offers every type of gambling option a player can imagine?

If you just want to be a bookie, then you just get a sports betting software that can handle your needs. In general, all betting software more or less do the same thing. The main differences are usually price, interface, reports. Odds system and player management options. Ideally, you want a versatile sports gambling that can give you enough freedom to change it as you go. Furthermore, you want a betting software that can integrate various odds providers and let you change the odds accordingly.

To open exclusively an online casino or poker room, then you need to pick the right software for each. However, if you want to be an al-in-one sportsbook, that is where the Gambling platform comes in.

The Right Gaming Platform

The Right Gaming PlatformChoosing the right Gaming Software is all about what you plan on offering to your customers. In some cases, you may not even need one if you just want a straight no-frills casino or sportsbook. However, using a Gaming platform is usually the best solution. This is because a good one will let you integrate all of the gambling products you want.

There are several excellent iGaming Platform on the market at various prices. As long as it does everything you want it to do then you are in good shape. However, make sure that it is able to integrate most sports betting, casino and poker software from various providers. In addition, find one that includes a payment system, affiliate program and even bonus and promotional options.

A premium gaming platform should have a way to easily create your website with component of the gambling software. For example, it should be easy to add an odds section on the front end of the website. Even better would be to have a live casino jackpots or current live betting feeds on the sportsbook website.

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The Tutorial Series on Starting an Online Gaming Operation

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  3. Gambling Software and Platform
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