7 Reasons to Use a Bookie Pay Per Head

Opening a sportsbook operation is not as simple as it sounds. This is because it is a big commitment that will take time and money to be successful. However, the payoffs for starting a bookie business are huge and rewarding. Thanks to modern technology, owning an online sportsbook is much easier thanks to the Pay Per Head Bookie Solution. Today, we go over 7 Reasons to Use a Bookie Pay Per Head to open your own gambling operation.

Of course, there are a few other methods to open a sportsbook website. You can start one from scratch or can use a white label sportsbook solution. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to starting a gambling website. While the choice is yours, we believe that for a start-up sportsbook, a Pay Per Head is the best method. Want to know why? Then keep reading!

7 Reasons to Use a Bookie Pay Per Head for your Sportsbook Operation

 7 Reasons to Use a Bookie Pay Per Head for your Sportsbook OperationReason 1 – Fast and Efficient – One of the biggest advantages of using a Pay Per Head is you can open a sportsbook in minutes. At least, it is with PricePerPlayer.com because as soon as you signup, you can start taking bets right away.

Reason 2 – Cost Efficient – Starting a sportsbook from scratch will cost a few millions just to get everything setup. In addition, a white label sportsbook will cost a several thousand every month. On the other hand, a Bookie PPH only costs $2 to $5 per active player with PricePerPlayer.com.

Reason 3 – A Variety of Gambling Options – Part of the service with a Pay Per Head is that they provide several gambling options for your players. These include, sports betting, live betting casino, live casino and a racebook.

Reason 4 – No Infrastructure to Deal with – A sportsbook PPH, is an all-in-one service. This means you get a full sportsbook customer service department, odds managers, servers and IT department. In short, you get all of the infrastructure of a sportsbook as part of the cost per player.

Reason 5 – The Best Bookie Software – A bookie software is essential to running an online sportsbook. Furthermore, A Bookie PPH gives you the best platform available on the market. The best part is that you do not have to maintain and upgrading it. This is because the PPH provider takes care of it all.

Reason 6 – Easily Manage your Sportsbook – With a Sportsbook PPH, you get all of the tools necessary to easily manage your sportsbook and players.

Reason 7 – Bookie Website – With a Pay Per Head solution, you get several websites that your players can use to place their bets. In addition, they can also make you a tailor-made website to for your specific needs.

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