Add Tennis to Your Bookie Business

When becoming a bookie, you always have to include a variety of sports, as well as sports leagues. Not only are you diversifying your sportsbook, but you can potentially attract more players, or encourage your players to place more wagers. One sport you should try to have in hand is Tennis.

Tennis is really not so hard to include in your wagers, since the tournaments are spread out throughout the year. And depending on your operation, you can even just pick a few to join in, and focus on other sports.

Tennis and the Indian Wells

The upcoming Indian Wells Championship is quite unique, since it will be the first time in almost 20 years that Serena Williams won the top title, and this year, she is a favorite to win. The Men’s division is equally exciting, with Novak Djokovic as the favorite.

As a guide for your bookie pay per head operation, here are the 2019 Indian Wells favorites, and odds. Serena Williams leads the list at +450 (18.2%) favorite. Petra Kvitkova follows suit at +600, with an implied probability of 14.3%. Meanwhile, tied at +700 (12.5%) are Simona Halep and Naomi Osaka. Elina Svitolina rounds up the top five at +900 or 10%.

What is interesting, is that Belinda Bencic has recently beat all the top favorites quite recently (except for Williams). Bencic’s odds are +4000 (2.4%). Osaka won the previous year’s title.

As for the Men’s division, Djokovic is top favorite at +100 with a 50% implied probability. Roger Federer is at +500 with 16.7%. Rafael Nadal ties with Federer at the second. Meanwhile, Alexander Zverev is +1100 at 8.3% and Nick Jyrgios at +1500 (6.3%). If Djokovic wins the title, he will be getting his 6th Indian Wells trophy. Both Djokovic and Federer have 5 Indian Wells trophy each. Whoever of the two wins, will hold the record for the highest number of Indian Well’s championships. The tournament started March 4, and will continue up to the 17th.

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