Advertise Your Sportsbook by Becoming a Bookie Influencer

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 04:03 pm

Becoming a Bookie Influencer – The Basic StepsOwning a sportsbook is a very satisfying jobs to thousands of bookies around the world. This is because you get to take your passion and make a living from it. However, like any other businesses, being a bookie can be very challenging as it requires customers to thrive. Sportsbook advertising can be expensive and will not always provide a good ROI. So, how does a bookie acquire new bettors in a cost effective. The solution is to Advertise Your Sportsbook by Becoming a Bookie Influencer.

First off, what is an influencer? An influencer is someone that people acknowledge as an expert in their field and have a strong following. They make money from their subscribers to their channels and from videos and podcasts they make. In the right market, a good influencer can bring excellent value to your sportsbook advertising campaign.

Last but not least, popular influencers are able to bring fast results and positive vibes to your sportsbook. In several instances, they can bring a 5:1 ROI if you are willing to pay the price. If that is the case, then why not become a sports betting influencer yourself?

If you own a sportsbook or are thinking about opening a sportsbook, then you must be passionate about sports betting. Hence, you must have a lot of skills and knowledge from both the perspective of a sports bettor and a bookie. While this does not make you an influencer, it does qualify you to become an influencer.

So, let’s take a look on how to Become a Bookie Influencer to sell your sports betting services!

Becoming a Bookie Influencer – The Basic Steps

Finding your Sports Betting Niche – The first step is to figure out what kind of influencer you want to become. Do you want to be known as an expert betting on a specific sport? Or do you want to be known as the king of parlays or fast live sports bet? The possibilities are endless and it all depends on the knowledge you have.

Choosing your Social Media Platform – If you want your face to be known, a video platform like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are a good fit. However, if you are camera shy, maybe starting a podcast or doing posts on a blog or Twitter is better.

Creating and Posting Relevant Sports Betting Content – The next step to becoming a bookie influencer is to post and publish relevant content. If your end goal is to bring more players to your sportsbook, then there are several topics you can consider. It can be about injury reports, line movements, how to bet on sports, sports handicapping and more.

Post Sports Gambling Content Regularly and Consistently – Once you know the type of content you want to create, you need to make a posting frequency and schedule. The most post you make on a consistent and regular basis, the higher your visibility. Ideally, a daily post at a specific time is the best. However, the time and schedule will depend on the sports betting market you are focusing on.

If you are posting about betting picks then it needs to be done before the game begins. Usually, the day before or morning of is the best time to post these videos.

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