The Benefits of Using a Pay Per Head

Last updated on June 7th, 2019 at 08:01 am

The Benefits of Using a Pay Per HeadThe sports betting industry is a very lucrative enterprise with one of the highest growth potential in the world. Furthermore, online gambling CAGR will increase by 11% by 2022 with bookies at the forefront of the rush. They are many options for bookies to start a sportsbook but the preferred method is the Pay Per Head Solution.  This is because of the many Benefits of Using a Pay Per Head when compared to traditional methods.

In addition, as more countries legalize sports betting, bookies will have more opportunities to cash in on this fast growing industry.  However, to maximize profits, bookies need a sport betting software and service that is cost efficient and reliable.

In order for bookies to stay ahead of the game in a competitive business, a Pay Per Head is ideal.  This is because a top Sportsbook PPH gives you all of the tools necessary to have a successful gambling operation. This article will go over the main benefits of using a Pay Per Head Sportsbook.

The Many Benefits of Using a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Cost –Effective

The most obvious and biggest Benefit of Using a Pay Per Head Sportsbook is that it is cost effective.  This is because opening a sportsbook from scratch or even using a White Label Sportsbook will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, a sportsbook PPH only costs a few dollars per players every week.  This means that the start-up cost is very low compared to buying the software outright and setting up the infrastructure.  In addition, there is no monthly upkeep fee or support staff to pay which allows maximum profit for bookies.

Tons of Gambling Options for Your Players

The Benefits of Using a Pay Per HeadThe more betting options available to a player the more they will gamble. Thus, the more they gamble the higher your profit margin.  A Pay Per Head offers tons of Gambling Options for Your players  which include sports betting, live betting, online casino, live dealer casino and a  racebook.

Fast and Easy to Setup is one of the few PPH services that can get your sportsbook running in just a few minutes. This is because we use a fully automated system with no deposit necessary.  In fact, a payment is not necessary to get started until after your two week trial is over.

Furthermore, the bookie interface has been engineered to make setting up and managing your players as easy as possible.

All of the tools Necessary to Manage your Sportsbook

Customer and Player Support

A top PPH Sportsbook provider like gives you top of the line customer support for you and your players. Whether you need technical support for your bookie website or help customizing you sportsbook a Pay Per Head provides you with expert customer support.

In addition, your players are in good hands because offers 24/7 player support as well.  This means that a bookie no longer has to be available to help players or take their bets.  Instead, the sportsbook PPH does it all for you as part of their service.

Real-time Monitoring, Reports and Statistics

In order to have a successful sportsbook, a bookie must have the right tools to monitor and manage his players. A bookie PPH gives you real-time monitoring tools so you can adjust your sportsbook accordingly for maximum profit.

In addition, you get report customization and statistics to help you analyze player patterns and profitability.

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