Cryptocurrency and eSports Betting

eSports today  is a growing industry that will be worth $800 million in advertising and sponsorship revenue by 2019. As with any competitive sports, there is always a betting going on and eSports is no exception. It was only a matter of time before Cryptocurrency and eSports Betting became more popular in the gambling industry.

south korean eSports winnerIn the past few year, cryptocurrencies have been become associated with eSports Betting.  As a result, several sports betting website suppliers are now offering eSports as part of their gambling repertoire.  This number is increasing and cryptocurrency companies are making sure that they are at the forefront of eSports betting.

Recently, a large number of companies have been looking to cash-in on the eSports betting market. These companies are taking the lead from Unikoins an eSports betting cryptocurrency.  Unikoins has been raising a lot of press about combining eSports betting and cryptocurrencies.

Even though eSports and cryptocurrencies are both relatively new in mainstream gambling there is a lot of potential for investors.

Looking to Invest in the next generation of gamblers

The majority of people interested in eSports are known to also use cryptcurrencies.  This is the next generation of gamblers and it makes sense to cater to their needs. According to Lyubomira Petrova, Communications and Marketing Manager at UltraPlay, “Both eSports punters and crypto users are young and tech-savvy with a passion for innovative concepts and disruptive solutions that can ease their daily lives.”

Several eSports betting websites have begun to create their own cryptocurrencies that caters to eSports bettors.  From their standpoint, it makes sense because.  It allows bettors to fund their accounts faster, anonymously and without having to go thru a third party.

Some of these companies include UltraPlay , an eSports betting site that launched the cryptocurrency eGold in 2017.  Another such company is Unikrn which is another eSports betting website that recently launch Unikoins.

Top sports betting providers are always looking to offer more events and competition for their players to bet on. This is why today, several Sports Betting Sites now offer eSports betting option and Bitcoin banking for their players.

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