How to Maximize Your Sportsbook for Golf Betting

Now that March Madness is over and the slow betting season is here, bookies must work harder to earn money. In layman’s terms, sportsbooks must now pay more attention to sporting events they would usually not focus on. In this case, we are talking about golf. So how does your sportsbook rate for golf gambling? Do you know How to Maximize Your Sportsbook for Golf Betting to increase your sports betting handle.

If not, no worries. This bookie tutorial will go over everything you need to know about running a golf sportsbook.

Reasons to Maximize Your Sportsbook for Golf Betting

Reasons to Maximize Your Sportsbook for Golf BettingWhile golf is not a fast action sport like football, it remains a top 10 sports in term of popularity. In fact, golf has over 450 million fans around the world with most fans in Europe, Asia and North America. While betting on golf is not as popular as other sport, betting on PGA golf has been on the rise since 2018.

One of the main reasons for your sportsbook to offer golf betting is that most golfers bet on golf. According to a study, 84% of people who play golf will probably bet on themselves during a friendly match. Ok, maybe it was not what you were thinking when we said most golfers bet on golf. However, gambling analysts estimate the golf betting market is worth around $5 billion.

One thing to remember is that golf is a year-round sport which means there is no down-time for it. In fact, the PGA hosts events throughout the entire year around the globe. Combine that with a large roster of professional golfers certainly makes it more interesting for bettors. Or at least, it does for gamblers that regularly bet on golf. Yes, these are the players you want go acquire in your sportsbook!

On the other hand, recreational golf bettors tend to bet on popular golf tournaments and players. Therefore, a different strategy is necessary to get them to bet with you on a regular basis.

Popular Golf Wagers and Tournaments to Market for Your Sportsbook

The maximize your sportsbook for golf is to offer a large golf betting markets and options to your players. Of course, having it is not everything as bettors also need to know you have these options. In addition, it is a good marketing strategy to remind them of your golf wagering options at the right time.

For example, the Master Tournament is taking place this month. Thus, this article will remind bookies to let their players know about it so they can bet on it!

Focus on Major Golf Championship Tournaments – While there is no point in marketing every golf tournament, the same cannot be said for Major Golf Championships. This is because these are tournaments that is already being hyped for you. Thus, you just need to make sure your players know about it and offer something for it.

Here are the main ones to focus on

  • Masters Tournament – This golf tournament takes place in Augusta, GA. during the weekend ending second Sunday in April.
  • PGA Championship – The location of this tournament will vary and it takes place the weekend before Memorial Day weekend in May.
  • S. Open – The location of this tournament varies and takes place the weekend ending third Sunday in June, or Father’s Day
  • The Open Championship – This is a tournament in the UK and the link course will vary within their rotation. The tournament is held the week containing the third Friday in July.


Open a Golf Betting Website

What Golf Bets to Advertise to Your Bettors

While betting on who will win a tournament is fun, it does not make for the most exciting type of wager. Nor does it make people bet more on a tournament. Thus, you also need to emphasize the following when you hype golf tournaments to your players.

Players Prop Bets – Especially when a golf player is currently hot or trending

Matchup Golf wagers between 2 players

Golf Prop Bets – Like how many birdies or Eagles will be hit

Don’t Have a sportsbook yet? Here is How to Open a Golf Betting Website with a Pay Per Head Service

The easiest way to open a golf betting site is by using the Price Per Player Bookie pay per head service. This is because it only takes a few minutes to setup and there is no contract or deposit necessary. Of course, our Sportsbook PPH services are not just limited to creating a golf betting website.

Instead, bookies can easily open a sportsbook with a wide range of sports betting options and market. Thus, you can also become a bookie that specializes on baseball or football or run an all-in-one gambling shop!

For those not familiar with a Sportsbook Pay Per head, it is a service that gives bookies access to a fully functional sportsbook. This includes the Sportsbook management software, gambling websites for players and everything you need to open a sportsbook.

In simple terms, it is a subscription type service that charges a small fee every week per active players.

Start a Golf Betting Site in 4 Easy Steps with the Pay Per Head Company

  1. sign up for a Pay Per Head Account
  2. Create a betting account for your players
  3. Set their betting limits and let them place their wager in one of our many betting sites
  4. Settle-up with them every week

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