How to Open a Baseball Betting Site

How to Open a Baseball Betting SiteWith over 535 million fans around the world, baseball is one of the most popular sports to bet on. In terms of popularity, it ranks 8th in the world and is especially popular in the Americas and Asia. Thus, become a baseball bookie this season might not be a bad idea. Thus, here is our tutorial on How to Open a Baseball Betting Site in four easy steps.

In theory, opening an MLB betting site is fairly simple. You just need to know about baseball betting, get a betting software and a website right? While it may seem simple, this is still a business and a bit more complex. This is because there are several ways to open a baseball betting business. The most popular methods are to start from scratch using a white label sportsbook or a bookie pay per head solution.

For this tutorial, we will go with the easiest and most cost-effective method by using the Pay Per head Method. This is because a good PPH service only takes a few minutes to setup and is inexpensive. For only a few dollars per active player per week, anyone can become a sportsbook owner!

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Reasons to Start a Baseball Sportsbook Operation

Reasons to Start a Baseball Sportsbook OperationIn the U.S. the baseball season is about 6 months long and consists of 30 teams each playing 163 games. Thus, we are talking about 2,430 regular season games. Then we have the postseason which is around 22-23 weeks of baseball with around 32-53 games! For baseball bettors and bookies, that is daily Baseball betting for the entire season.

In terms of popularity, baseball is the third most popular sport in the U.S. with 50% of adults following it. On the gambling side, conservative studies say that 3.36 million American bet on the MLB on a regular basis. However, recent studies show 52% of gamblers were wagering on baseball in 2023. Since over 101 million American bet on sports, it means almost 5.29 million American bet on baseball in 2023!

Considering that the average sport bet size is between $5 to $50, the revenue from baseball betting can be substantial. With a medium bet of around $25 per bet, we can estimate that Americans made over $1.3 billion in baseball wagers in 2023.

In terms of revenue, sports betting revenue keeps increasing every year with 2023 being 44.5% higher than in 2022. Thus, it means there is plenty of money to be made operating a baseball now and in the future.

Why use to Open a Baseball Sportsbook

Do you Have What it Takes to be a Baseball Bookie?

While many baseball fans and entrepreneurs dream of becoming a bookie, it is not for everyone. Here is our list of what you need to ask yourself before you think about becoming a baseball bookie,

  • Knowledge about baseball – This one is obvious but knowing how to play baseball or at least the rules is a must.
  • How is your Baseball Betting Knowledge? You do not need to know everything about sports betting but a minimum is necessary. This means you should know how and why lines move as well as how to calculate different types of wagers.
  • Self-Discipline, Commitment, Consistency and Adaptability – The are crucial mindsets that are necessary to become an MLB Bookie. This is because being a bookie constantly challenge you having these mindsets will be of great help

What Do You Need to Open a Baseball Gambling Operation?

Before we begin with our list, keep in mind that this is the simplified version of what you need.

  • Research – The first thing to do is research the baseball betting market in location you intend to start your business. This also includes checking out the competition, finding out about the local gambling laws and regulations. Basically, you need to see if having a baseball wagering business is viable or not in your chosen location.
  • Sports Betting/Sportsbook Software and Platform – Gone are the days of taking bets by hand. Today, bookies need to stay competitive and that includes having a to-of-the-line sportsbook software and platform. There are several options to obtain one for your sportsbook from buying, having it tailor-made or even leasing them. In general, a sports betting software can cost a few thousand per month to lease or well over $100,000 to make.
  • Baseball Sportsbook Business Plan – Planning is the key to open a successful baseball betting business. This will help you plan what you need to start from advertising to helping stick to your goals for your business.
  • Players/Customers – Where, how and how many baseball bettors will you get to bet in your sportsbook? Do you already know people or will you have to spend money on an advertising campaign? These are important question you need to know before starting.
  • Starting Capital – While there is no right or wrong answer as to how money you need to be a baseball bookie. However, the more you have the better. A good rule of thumb is to have enough money to last you at least 6 months. Find out more on How much money you need to be a bookie.
  • Banking – Depending on the gambling operation you run, you will need to be able to move money back and forth. One of the most popular ways to move money is thru Cryptocurrencies.

How to Open a Baseball Betting Site with Pay Per Head Service

The easiest way to open a baseball betting site is by using a bookie pay per head service. This is because it only takes a few minutes to setup and there is no short or long-term commitments. Therefore, you can just run a sportsbook for only the MLB season, or for years at a time.

Also known as a Pay Per Head, it is a service that gives bookies access to a fully functional sportsbook. This includes the Sportsbook pay per head management software, player betting site and everything you need to open a sportsbook.

A Sportsbook PPH is basically a subscription type service that charges bookie per active players on a weekly basis. The fee will usually range from $2 to $20 per player.

Start a Baseball Betting Site in 4 Easy Steps with the Pay Per Head Company

  1. sign up for a Pay Per Head Account
  2. Create your player accounts
  3. Let them place their wager
  4. And settle-up with them every week

Open a Baseball Betting Business with for $5 or Less Per Player

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Why use to Open a Baseball Sportsbook has been providing bookies with everything they need to run a sportsbook since 2013. In addition, we are the top choice amongst bookies that want a safe, solid and reliable sportsbook without the hassle.

We also have the most competitive price per player in the business. Our Bookie Pay Per Head pricing model is as low as $2 per players and the highest you will ever pay is $5 per player. Our per head pricing model is based on the Your Success is Our Success Policy. This means that the more players you have, the more money we make. Thus, we want to pass on the savings to you!

We also have a 99.99% uptime ratio and our servers can take thousands of wagers per minute. Thus, your customers will always be able to place their basketball bets without any issues. Furthermore, our servers have backups around the world and use top-of-the-line security features and encryption for complete security.

Here are some of the Features of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services


  • Easy to use player management system
  • Set player limits and access
  • Create and edit your players
  • Enable player gambling options
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Player figures
  • Intuitive and reliable reports
  • Player Profiling and much more

  • Sports Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Player Prop Bet Builder
  • horse racing
  • Online Casino
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Telephone and online Wagering

Open a Baseball Sportsbook with for $5 or Less Per Player

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