Latest Sports Betting Issues in California

The past few years have been very busy for proponents of legalizing sports betting in California. Back in 2017 and again in 2019, proposals for legalizing sports betting in California was opposed by the state’s tribes. Again, ballot initiatives to allow an open sports betting market was also opposed by the tribes. The latest initiative, however, will move to the ballot, as it is backed by the Coalition to Authorize Regulated Sports Wagering. This coalition has the support of various American Indian Tribes. The current petition is the one of the latest sports betting issues in California.

This petition was submitted and is now under the California Secretary of State’s office for verification. Out of the $1.4 million signatures collected, they still need to verify a little more than 400,000 signatures. However, one thing is missing from the petition, and it’s the biggest problem in the proposal: the lack of the most profitable platforms on gambling: sports betting software.

Sports Betting Issues in California

Latest Sports Betting Issues in CaliforniaThe petition aims to bring to the ballot the choice of legalizing sports betting in California. If it passes, state tribal casinos will be able to offer sports betting on amateur, collegiate, and professional sports. However, online sports betting is out of the discussion. The state plans to collect 10% tax on profits and will be spending them on specific state programs. As mentioned earlier, the lack of online sports wagering will be a very big problem for the state. Especially if you compare them with the biggest sports betting markets in the country.

The use of sports betting solutions has helped many online sportsbooks bring the lines to the people. This is especially helpful now, during the pandemic. But more than that, majority of the sports betting markets have opened online betting as it is the most preferred method for people to vote. In some states, over 90% of the total betting handle comes from online sportsbooks.

Another possible issue, is that since the wagering will only be in tribal casinos, there will be a limited variety of offerings. This is restrictive and prevents the market to grow into its full potential. Having more competition proves to be very effective in giving the public higher-quality products, and sports betting isn’t any different. California legislators and voters need to look at their neighboring states to find out that there are better measures on sports betting that they should take.


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