Louisiana Online Gambling Launches with $211 Million Betting Handle

The Louisiana online gambling market does well in its first full official month where online sports betting is now legal. Technically, online sports wagering went online back in January, but only for four days. But for the first full month of online sports betting, the state of Louisiana’s sportsbooks took in more than $211 million in wagers. If we are to add the four days in January, the handle would be at $251.1 million since its launch in January 28.

The use of online sportsbooks and casinos, especially that of the best gambling software, is widely becoming even more popular than ever, especially with legalized betting markets across the country. In Louisiana, online wagering is legal in 55 out of the 64 parishes. The state also benefits from this, in terms of taxes. For instance, for February the state collected $2.21 million in tax revenue.

Louisiana Online Gambling: Sports Betting Future in the State

Louisiana Online Gambling Launches with $211 Million Betting HandleFebruary is a good month for US sports betting, with the Super Bowl back in February 13 fueling much of the action in most sportsbooks. A lot of Louisiana bettors were actively betting on the biggest sports event of the year. And the NFL Championship game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams was exciting for bettors in the state. Especially with the likes of Joe Burrow, LSU alum, who is also the QB of the Bengals. March will be a great month for sportsbooks as well, something that those who want to start an online gambling business should know. College Basketball is expected to generate a lot of activity during March Madness.

In addition, Louisiana also has another advantage. They are the only Gulf Coast state that offers legal sports betting. From Texas down to Florida, people can only bet on online sportsbooks if they are to travel to Louisiana. And they do. Bettors actually cross to the Louisiana border to place wagers on their favorite sports and teams. This is an advantage that Louisiana sportsbooks have, and contributes to the total betting action as well. Retail sports betting also exists in Louisiana. But nothing beats the convenience of being able to whip out your phone and place a bet in minutes, which is why online betting reigns supreme when it comes to sports wagering.


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