MGM and Caesars are Facing Lawsuit after Cyberattack

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 01:54 pm

MGM and Caesars are Facing Lawsuit after Cyberattack 2 weeks ago, the gambling industry was taken by storm after a malicious cyberattack took place against 2 prominent casinos. This is because of a devastating cyberattack against Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts. Now, the cyberattack is over but both hotel and casinos are facing the aftermath. Thus, MGM and Caesars are Facing lawsuit after Cyberattack against them.

According to a Las Vegas report, 5 class action lawsuits have been filed in Nevada District Court against MGM and Caesars. The complaint is that the defendants did not prevent a cyberattack. Thus, they put their customers’ personal identifiable information at risk. Specifically, it talks about the data from their custom loyalty program stating that the casinos were not diligent enough.

At the time of the attack, both MGM and Caesar had their internal computer system under attack. Hence, it led to a myriad of problems for both companies. Caesar chose to pay the ransom while MGM chose to fix the problem themselves. However, this led to MGM’s operation being shut down for over 2 weeks. This is because their sports betting software was down as well as several other systems essential to their casino resort.

Until recently, it was a long wait to get ahold of anyone at their gambling call center service. This is because of the numerous problems with reservations as their online reservation and customer service was down.

MGM and Caesars are Facing lawsuit after Cyberattack – Customers at Risk of Identity Theft

All 5 lawsuits against MGM and Ceasar are seeking monetary compensation for all damages for the victims. This encompasses actual, statutory and punitive damages along with restitution.

According to the plaintiffs, Caesars and MGM were aware of the importance of the consumer data. However, by failing to protect it they were breaching the Federal Trade Commission guidelines and standards. Thus, some of their customers whose information was taken are now more vulnerable to identity theft.

The lawsuits were made by Stranch and Jennings and Garvey PLLC, and Kopelowitz Ostrow Ferguson Weiselberg Gilbert in Florida. Two against Caesars Entertainment and 2 against MGM Resorts International.  Stranch and Jennings and Garvey are representing Alexis Giuffre and Paul Garcia who are loayal Caesars customers. Furthermore, Kopelowitz Ostrow Ferguson Weiselberg Gilbert  are representing Thomas and Laura McNicholas who are also loyal Ceasars customers.

The latest lawsuit was made on September 22 by O’Mara Law Firm in Reno and Barnow and Associates in Chicago. According to the lawsuit, they represent plaintiffs from various states across the nation.

At the moment, the plaintiffs and 2 casino giants have not made any statement regarding the lawsuits.

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