No More Anonymous Gambling in Finland by 2024

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 04:47 pm

No More Anonymous Gambling in Finland by 2024This year, Finland began reforming gambling by ending the gambling monopoly of the government betting agency, Veikkaus by 2026. In addition, earlier this year Finland made it mandatory to show identification to purchase coupon games like Lotto and Eurojackpot. This week, a new announcement was made Veikkaus which will end Anonymous Gambling in Finland by 2024.

According to gambling software websites, players in Finland will need to show identification to purchase scratchcards beginning in 2024. Valid identification to purchase scratchcards or play games of chance include driving licences, “Kela” cards and Veikkaus cards. Veikkaus cards are types of identification made by Veikkaus. Furthermore, gamblers will be able to use Kela cards or a mobile card available through the Veikkaus application as identification.

Thus, this will end the last type of anonymous gambling in the country. According to Veikkaus, requiring identification is in response to new gambling industry norms to embrace responsible gaming practices. According to Ville Venojärvi, director of Veikkaus’ sweepstakes, “The conditions for identification of scratch cards are good.” This is because they “have a very large customer base with the identification of coupon games.”

As to claiming scratch cards winnings, players have to provide identification which will then be put in the sales terminal.

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No More Anonymous Gambling in Finland by 2024 as Part of their Gambling Reform

The idea of mandatory identification requirements is part of Finland’s effort to reform the online gambling monopoly by Veikkaus. Furthermore, the reforms coincide with the current transformation of the European Gaming industry landscape. In addition, these changes will help clarify the rules and regulation for gaming operators applying for a Finnish gambling license.

Additionally, the reforms coincide with the ongoing transformation in the European gaming industry. For several years, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has been advocating for such reforms in Finland.

At the moment, Veikkaus has the exclusive right to offer online gambling in Finland. In addition, they also operate all gambling options from sports betting to casinos and lotteries. The new Finnish reforms will end that monopoly and regulate the industry. This will include licensing fees, taxation, safer gambling legislations and sportsbook advertising regulations.

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