North Carolina Online Sports Betting Bill Has Great Potential to Pass

Sports betting in North Carolina has been operational for quite some time, but online wagering is not. Given how popular online betting is, as seen in sports betting news reports, many legislators are looking into it. And the North Carolina online sports betting bill looks very promising. The bill is currently gaining traction in the state’s House of Representatives.

House Bill 347 has undergone many changes, but all the work is worth it as it has passed the House of Representative’s finance committee, and will now move to other judiciary committees for more hearings. The bill aims to legalize online sports betting in the state. Under the bill’s terms, 10 to 12 operators will be allowed to operate in the state. This, if passed, will add to the current 3 retail sports betting operations in North Carolina.

North Carolina Online Sports Betting Bill Potential

North Carolina Online Sports Betting Bill Has Great Potential to PassMany believe that the bill will be able to pass the legislature as there are more than 50 sponsors in the bill, with great bipartisan support as well. The bill, which passes the finance committee, will impose a 14% tax on operators. Other committees handling the bill will deliberate on other terms of the bill, to check for possible legal conflicts, operations, and other concerns.

But the use of a sportsbook software solution remains to be one of the most lucrative options in sports betting today. And states would be smart to recognize this. Local sports teams have voiced out their support on this. In addition, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is said to be a supporter of online wagering. So, if it passes both the House and the Senate, then there will be no problems on the final step the bill needs to pass into law.


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