Sportsbooks Apply for a Sports Betting License in North Carolina

7 Sportsbooks Apply for a Sports Betting License in North CarolinaSports betting in North Carolina became legal on June 14 after Gov. Roy Cooper put his signature on Bill 347. Since then, the North Carolina Lottery Commission has been working overtime to have sports betting available in 2024. Thus, last year they began to take applications from sports betting companies for a sports betting license. As of today, they had 7 Sportsbooks Apply for a Sports Betting License in North Carolina.

The news comes after the second set of sports gambling rules became final on Dec. 13, 2023. Furthermore, these rules will come into effect on January 8, 2024. In the meanwhile, the NCGC (North Carolina Gambling Commission) has been taking application for sports betting licenses.

According to the NCGC, the recommendation was for sportsbooks to submit a sports betting license application by Dec. 27. 2023. However, this just meant that betting companies that had sent they application by that date would receive faster processing.

Therefore, bookies looking to open a sportsbook in North Carolina can still do so. The fastest way for bookies to become operational after getting a license is with a sportsbook pay per head. This is because a PPH is a turnkey solution that only takes a few minutes to setup and start taking bets.

7 Sportsbooks Apply for a Sports Betting License in North Carolina

So far, a total of 7 Sportsbook have put in their application for a Sports Betting License in North Carolina. These include FanDuel and Draftking as they are the biggest sports betting company in the U.S. In addition, BetMGM, Fanatics Betting and Gaming, ESPN Bet and bet365 are also on the list of applicants.

Of course, applying for a license and actually receiving a sports betting license are 2 different things. This is because the sportsbook will not just need to have the proper infrastructure and bookie software. They will also have to partner with a retail venue like the NASCAR Track or a sports franchise. Furthermore, those with an in-person betting license can only take in-person betting at the venue they have a partnership with.

At the moment, FanDuel has a partnership with the PGA Tour while Bet365 has a partnership with the Charlotte Hornets. ESPN Bet is collaborating with the Quail Hollow Club while Fanatics Betting and Gaming is teaming up with Carolina Hurricanes. However, the rest of the sportsbook applicants have not given out any details for their partnership.

When will Sports Betting Become Available in North Carolina?

According to the NCLC, Sports Betting in North Carolina will launch after the Super Bowl. By law, sports betting must be available by mid-June of 2024. However, Gov. Roy Cooper hopes that it will be available in time for March Madness. However, there is no guarantee that will available by then but are hoping for the best.

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