Supporters Hopeful that North Carolina Sports Betting Goes Live Before Football Season

The sports betting industry’s revenue in general changes throughout the year. If you take aside betting behaviors and activity, the sports calendar is your biggest factor. Many sportsbooks earn a lot more during certain months, where there are more sports games. During the slow season, local events may be less frequent. But this gives the chance for sports in other regions or markets to shine. But in the US, none is as popular as football. Which is why local supporters are hoping that North Carolina sports betting goes live before the football season starts this year.

Football season in the US begins around fall, with both collegiate football and professional football, the NFL, capable of generating billions in betting handle across the country. Many betting software development services providers are used by bookies each year to manage sports betting operations that earn so well from football betting. So when North Carolina, a state whose legislature may possibly legalize sports betting soon, launches its local market, many are hoping it would be sooner than later.

North Carolina Sports Betting and Football

Supporters Hopeful that North Carolina Sports Betting Goes Live Before Football SeasonThe current sports betting bill in North Carolina, should it pass, will eventually allow the state regulators to issue licenses to 10-12 betting software operators. Then, residents can download these apps and bet on collegiate and professional sports betting events anywhere in the state. The bill had already passed the Senate as SB688. It is now currently in the House awaiting action.

The House sessions resumed back in May 18, and all pending bills will have to be voted on before the session ends. It will be a tight schedule, with the session ending June 30 this year. The 2022 NFL regular season will be starting on September 11, so the state will have only a few months to formulate regulations, accept applications, review and approve them. While some states in the past have worked to launch in time for the busiest season in sports betting, some are taking their time. Ohio, for example, passed a sports betting law late last year, but sportsbooks will be launching in the state on or before January 1, 2023. We’ll know how North Carolina will handle this in the weeks to come.


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