The Benefits of a Live Dealer Casino for your Sportsbook

The Benefits of a Live Dealer Casino for your SportsbookAs the coronavirus is rapidly spreading across the globe, it is having a heavy toll on the gambling industry. This is when the term, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is becoming truer than ever. This is because smart sportsbook operators will survive the onslaught if they have a wide variety of gambling options. Therefore, we go over the Benefits of a Live Dealer Casino for your Sportsbook and how it can save it.

Most sporting events have been postponed or cancelled and no one knows when their will start again. Thus, sportsbooks barely have any active players because there is nothing to bet on.  In addition, most of players are keeping a tight eye on their spending for what may come.

However, there are still several people looking to gamble online if they are unable to physically go to a casino. Therefore, if a bookie has a casino with a Live Dealer platform available, it is still possible to earn money.

Adding a Pay Per Head Live Dealer Casino Software to your Sportsbook

Even though it is difficult to convert sports betting players to casino players, it is not impossible.  Furthermore, even if you are only able to convert 5% of your players, it is still better than nothing 0%.  In addition, having a Pay Per Head Live Dealer Casino can also increase your player base.

Adding a Pay Per Head Live Dealer Casino Software to your SportsbookThe more gambling options your sportsbook has, the more potential customers you can have.  Thus, a live casino one of the best gambling additions to have for a sportsbook.  However, the cost of a live dealer casino is very expensive if you go directly to a Live Casino provider.  In fact, it can easily cost thousands of dollars on a monthly basis and some even charge a commission. Therefore, not everyone is able to offer a Live Dealer Casino to their players.

However, smart gambling operators use the online casino and live dealer solutions.  This is because we are the ultimate solution for bookies and sportsbooks to have a Live Dealer casino.  Our Sportsbook Pay Per Head services is only $5 per player and includes an online casino and a live dealer casino.  This is in addition to Sports Betting, Live Betting, Prop Bet Builder and horse betting at no extra cost.

Furthermore, we have one of the best Live Dealer Casino Social Platform where players can free interact with each other. Thus, your player will get the best online casino experience available on the market.  Our Live Dealer Casino Software offers several types of blackjack, roulette, Baccarat and more.

All of our Live Dealer Casino games have the best and latest features like HD Video with picture-in-picture. This is of course in addition to having rich game history, side bets, table protection and more!

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