U.S. Casino Revenue Increase by almost 7% in March

Good news for the casino industry in March as according to a compiled report from several sources, gamblers lost more than won in casinos across the United States. The U.S. Casino industry earned $3.7 Billion in revenue which is almost a 7 percent increase over the previous month.

U.S. Casino Revenue Increase by almost 7% in MarchAccording to the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ Center for Gaming Research, the State of Nevada led the gambling revenue pack with a 7.4% increase for the month of March bringing in $991 million. This is a $45.4 million increase on the amount collected in February of 2017.

Most of the revenue came from the Las Vegas Strip which saw an 8% jump to $526.1 million but the highest increase in terms of percentage came from  Downtown Las Vegas which saw its revenue climb 22.6$ to $62.9 million.

Atlantic City also took in its share of the pot with a 17% increase in March in comparison to last year even though its total gross revenue decreased by about 2%.  The good news for them is that its revenue gain is in an upward momentum.

Caesars Atlantic City saw the most increase with a 32% rise in gross revenue with the majority of it coming from table games with a 51% increase.

The State of Pennsylvania which is the second strongest gambling market earned $289.5 million in revenue.  According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board was their highest month ever for table games bringing in $79.54 million compared to last year’s $77.91 million.

Louisiana showed nine percent increase while Maryland which is still seeing the benefits of the somewhat new MGM National Harbor saw its gaming revenues increase by 44.2 percent to $141.1 million.

From the look at these numbers, the long term positive outlook is looking good for casinos across the United States.  Even online gambling, according to PayPerPlayer.com, one of the best sports betting software company, does not seem to affect the overall revenue at all since those who do not usually travel to casinos will instead play online.

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