West Virginia Sports Betting and Gambling Ups and Downs for July

Tracking the performance of sports betting markets is important for bookies. It helps you identify the various market trends, and can give you an idea of what to expect in the near future. As you go along, you collect more data, which can help you anticipate the performance of your sportsbook in the same period next year. One particular state’s gambling market is a bit complex for July, so let’s take a look at the West Virginia sports betting and gambling report for July.

Most sports betting markets across the country are reporting lower betting handles in July. Even if you have the best betting software, if there are less sports events to bet on, then you will get less action than the busier months. This is the case for the summer season, when the most popular sports leagues (except for the MLB) are on break.

Online gambling actually did better in July, with a $277,285,728 handle. This is 8.4% higher than June’s $355,820,886. Given that online gambling has no peak and off-peak season like sports betting, you can run your own online casino with a pay per head bookie software to supplement your sportsbook income.

West Virginia Sports Betting Numbers

West Virginia Sports Betting and Gambling Ups and Downs for JulyWith the case of sports betting, however, the handle is lower this month at $25,017,812. This is the lowest monthly sports betting handle reported since August 2021. It is a whopping 24.9% lower than June’s $33.3 million handle. Mobile betting is the same, with $27.26 million from June dropping 22.9% to July’s $21 million.

The year-on-year numbers still give us a 17.5% increase from July 2021 to this year, with online sports betting performing better by 35%. So all in all, you still have a good margin in terms of market growth. And even with a lower handle, the sports betting revenue for the state actually is better, too. June’s revenue was $2,399,574, and increased by 9% to July’s revenue of $2,616,578. While we do see lower sports betting handle, many in the industry expect better numbers as we start to enter a busier sports calendar. As early as August, NFL preseason betting will be starting, so we can expect a slight increase in handle, with a huge jump in September as the NFL season, the most popular sports league in sportsbooks, begins.


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