Will The Bookie See NBA Lines Soon?

Rudy Gobert was the trigger of a series of decisions that leads to a pause on the NBA season. Gobert, Utah Jazz center, tested positive for the Coronavirus. Immediately, the Jazz’s game against Oklahoma was cancelled minutes before it began. Subsequently, the rest of the season was postponed. Right now, it’s a waiting game on how the Coronavirus pandemic will be dealt with in the US. This begs the question, will the bookie see NBA lines soon?

Ask any bookie with a decent bookie pay per head software that while the actual tools they use to run their sportsbook is quite affordable, the time and effort. Not to mention that the amount in wagers that bettors have placed, is costly. Remember, the NBA alone has quite a lot of games in a given week. As each game passes by, wagers are cancelled. Tickets and ads are cancelled. In fact, this is affecting more industries, sports and gambling aside, such as the media, and even staff from game venues.

When Will We See NBA Lines

NBA coronavirusThe NBA is not giving hope and are still trying to not completely cancel the season. They are looking at other sports leagues from other countries for ideas. They could, also, check out fellow US sports leagues like the MLB for ideas. For instance, the NBA has to mass test their players, staff, officials, and other related professions. But it would not be prudent to hoard tests just to resume games. Especially when the general public itself has no access to it. Thus, access to rapid response tests will be the best bet for this.

The NBA and the MLB are similar in finding a way to secure the whole league, its players, and staff, without having to spend much time and money. The most effective option, is to have a specified location where everyone involved will be housed. This can ensure better security control, but will mean that everyone will be away from their families for the remainder of the league.

Changes in the NBA Season

One of the most widely-discussed option is to change the season itself, in terms of the number of games being played by each team, and maybe even changing the format of the playoffs. This alone will be a huge discussion among all teams and NBA officials, so a solution will not be seen anytime soon. Sports leagues are doing what they can do get back on their feet, so make sure that you are using sports betting software that will accommodate any changes immediately. That way, you can be competitive in offering the best lines at the soonest time for your players.