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Add an eSports Betting Platform to your Sportsbook with PricePerPlayer.comMost sports leagues around the world have placed their season on hold for an indefinite period of time.  Unfortunately, this is becoming a financial crisis for several sportsbooks because there are no sports to bet on.  Thus, no sports mean no income which could cause small wagering operations to go under. Therefore, it is time to Add an eSports Betting Platform to your Sportsbook to give your players more betting options.

In a period where no one know when sporting events will restart, the smart bookie will offer various gambling options. This is because of one gambling option is not available, they can still make an oncome with another.  Thus, the lesson sportsbooks are currently learning is to not put all of their eggs in one basket.

However, adding new gaming options to a sportsbook can be very expensive.  Furthermore, adding an online casino and eSports betting can add tens of thousands of dollars to your monthly operating cost. That is unless you are using a sportsbook pay per head solution like one by  This is because for only $5 per active player, bookies get a full sportsbook. It comes complete with sports wagering, online casino, eSports Betting, racebook, live casino, live betting and more!

eSports Betting Popularity is on the Rise

According to gambling news, apart from online casinos and poker, eSports are the only game left in the gambling market. This is because eSports can be done anywhere if the players and fans have access to the internet. Furthermore, gambling analysts believe eSports wagering revenue is set to double by the end of 2020.  Thus, it will go from $7 billion (2019) to $14 billion in revenue by the end of the year.

The hottest eSports tournaments to bet on are League of Legends with over 100 million viewers last year. However, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and Overwatch also take in a large share of the eSports betting market.

Of course, there are a few skeptical companies out there that are being cautious about entering the eSports Betting market. Despite the skepticism from Nevada casinos and sportsbooks, they have begun to offer eSports wagering.  However, this did require adding a better eSports betting platform to their existing sports betting software.

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