Are Casinos to Blame for Lack of Sportsbook Industry in Missouri?

Many in the sports betting industry have been looking in quite a few states who have legislation that centers on legalizing sports betting. States like Kansas and Missouri, for instance, had legislatures that are about to end their sessions for the year. Which is why there was a sense of urgency to pass the bills so that states can finally issue licenses to operators. Kansas’ legislature passed their bill, but Missouri did not even have the time to pass it. Rumors started that casinos are to blame for the absence of a sportsbook industry in Missouri.

Is there any truth to this? According to state Senator Denny Hoskins, yes. Normally, in a pay per head sportsbook, you can easily set up a whole gambling operation: a casino, a sportsbook, and even a racebook. But when it comes to industries that include both online and retail gambling, it can get complicated.

Sportsbook Industry in Missouri

Are Casinos to Blame for Lack of Sportsbook Industry in Missouri?According to Senator Hoskins, there were three different bills on sports betting proposed in the Senate. The most recent bill was just last Tuesday. According to the majority caucus chairman Senator Dan Hegeman, the senate will not hold a vote if all parties involved can come to an agreement. He was referring to professional sports teams, professional player organizations, mobile platforms, and casinos. All parties except for casinos agreed.

Given how easy it can be to easily create online betting platforms, similar to affordable sportsbook pay per head cost, casinos may either want different terms, or maybe want exclusivity. No reasons were given. But because of this, the bill was not voted on, and the Senate adjourned already. This will be a huge loss for the state in terms of revenue. Especially when neighboring states such as Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Iowa, and most recently, Kansas, all offer sports betting.


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