Legal Sports Betting in the U.S. – 4 years later

Legal Sports Betting in the U.S. – 4 years laterFour years ago, the U.S. Supreme court struck down the federal ban on single game sports betting. This momentous event took place on May 14, 2018 in the Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association Supreme Court case. This made Legal Sports Betting in the U.S. available by overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

PASPA or the Bradley Act basically made sports gambling illegal in the U.S except for a few states. However, under the leadership of Chris Christie, the ex-governor of New Jersey, the PASPA Act was made illegal. This is because the core of issue was whether the U.S. federal government has the right to control state lawmaking. Needless to say, the gambling industry and fans of sports betting in the U.S., see Christie as a savior.

Since then, the Sports Betting landscape in the U.S. has undergone many changes. Today, 30 states have made sports betting legal along with the District of Columbia. In addition, several more states are currently trying to pass bills that would enable its citizens to bet on sports. Furthermore, the sports gambling industry in the U.S. is worth over $4.33 billion today.

Legal Sports Betting in the U.S. – Changes in Attitude

The public attitude towards sports betting in the U.S. has certainly taken a change since then. Many attribute this change because of the huge marketing campaigns made by sportsbooks. Others believe it is because of the shift in attitude from the NBA, NFL, MLB and the NHL. Before, these big 4 in sports were totally anti-gambling citing the integrity of the game as the issue. Today, they are happily joining hands with sportsbooks and other gambling operators for their sponsorship dollars.

In fact, the NFL who once were adamant against sports gambling is now in direct partnerships with 7 sportsbooks. In fact, they could generate over a $1 billion in sports gambling revenue by the end of the decade. According to Pay Per Head Bookie analysts, this is just the beginning as more states adopt legal sports wagering.

As to the media, they have also taken a 180 degree turn in their attitude. Today, they welcome sportsbook advertising dollars and even have their sports handicapping and betting shows. Some of these gambling shows include Lock It in” on Fox Sports and “Daily Wager” on ESPN.

As to the offshore sports betting industry, so far, they are not seeing any signs of decline. Some believe that as time goes on, it will happen while other believe the opposite. One thing to remember is that a large portion of U.S. gamblers do not have access to legal sports betting. In addition, large markets like New York have a very high sports wagering tax making it unattractive to bettors.

In some cases, the offshore bookie industry is thriving because U.S. gamblers cannot differentiate between legal and offshore shops.

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