Canadian Province Considers Online Gambling

Online gambling, sports betting in particular, has been increasing in popularity over the years. And its growth is far from slowing down. This trend has been felt by sportsbook PPH services, where the demand for those who want to get into the industry is high. And while other countries have had a head start, some are starting to legalize sports betting. In addition, governments are finding ways to benefit from this.

Canada is no stranger to this. And its latest province to join the list of provinces to regulate the industry is Alberta. The Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis Commission, or the AGLC is now issuing, albeit discreetly, requests from technology suppliers. This is for proposals for online gambling.

Canadian Online Gambling

Alberta has always considered online gambling. But efforts made in the past few years has not produced any legislation to this effect. According to the Senior Communications Officer for the AGLC, that their current goal, is to be able to provide a safe place for the citizens of Alberta to be able to gamble online.

Another consideration is the potential for online gambling to be a revenue stream for the government. Currently, people from Alberta wager around $270 million annually in international licensed operators. The AGLC reports revenues of around 1.736 billion in Canadian Dollars for 2018. This is from video lottery terminals, slot machines in casinos, electronic bingo, plus other gambling products. The growth from this revenue stream is there, but its slow.

Given the fiscal situation of Alberta, they will need more ways to generate revenue in their province. Online gambling can be one of those. If Alberta will catch up, it will join other provinces such as Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia to offer online wagering. Hopefully, the potential revenues can help the revenue-strapped province in the near future.

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