Colorado Sportsbook Market Sets New Record in Betting Handle

The Colorado sportsbook market breaches the $400 million mark in total sports betting handle for September. This is the state’s highest monthly betting handle since its launch, with its previous record at $326.9 million back in January. Many software sportsbook users have been seeing an increase in handle since August, and are optimistic that this would continue well through the winter season.

The total sports betting handle for September for Colorado is $408.3 million, to be exact. This is an amazing 92.7% higher than August’s $211.9 million. This is also 96.6% higher than September 2020’s handle of $207.7 million. With almost double the betting handle, Colorado joins states like New Jersey, Indiana, Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire and Michigan, in setting the highest betting handle records in their respective states.

Colorado Sportsbook Market in September

Colorado Sportsbook Market Sets New Record in Betting HandleHere are some of the key takeaways from the state’s monthly report. We recommend that sportsbook pay per head bookies pay attention to these details, especially when understanding the trends that are happening throughout the year. First, let’s take a look at the mobile betting handle, as we want to see how online sportsbooks fared this month. The total mobile sports betting handle of the state for the month is at $402.8 million. 96.8% of all of the wagers in Colorado for September came from online sportsbooks. This is 93.4% higher than August’s $208.3 million, and 97.5% higher than September 2020’s $203.9 million.

The second takeaway we have from the report, are the sports leagues which are driving up betting activity in the state. Of course, baseball season is still ongoing, which is what has saved the August sports betting numbers from dropping. However, September brings us the start of both college football, and the NFL. These two tournaments are capable of generating millions in handle, as proven by the state’s sportsbooks. The NFL alone is responsible for $125.8 million of the total handle, while college football raked in $46.9 million in wagers. Football takes up 42.4% of all wagers in the state for the month. Many experts believe that sports betting activity will increase even more, as both the NHL and the NBA start in October. It would not be a surprise if we will be seeing more records being broken by Colorado sportsbooks in the months to come.


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