Guide to the Best Bookie Software for Sportsbooks Part 2

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 08:14 am

Guide to the Best Bookie Software for Sportsbooks Part 2Last week, we went over what a bookie software is and what it does for bookies. Furthermore, part 1 of our Guide to the Best Bookie Software went over the general features of a betting software. In part 2 of our Guide to the Best Bookie Software tutorial, we go over features to look for.

While the sportsbook industry is very competitive, one can say that the the sportsbook market is just as competitive. This is because all major gambling providers are always adding new features and improving their current software. Therefore, the industry is constantly evolving making it a tough market to enter.

On the bookie side of the market, the competitiveness of the market is a great opportunity for them. This is because competition means lower prices and more features that your players will love. However, all of these features can be overwhelming to new bookie or sports betting business. Especially if they do not know what they need or the type of customers they will cater to.

Therefore, in this section of the tutorial, we will go over the features every bookie software should contain.

Guide to Best Bookie Software for Sportsbooks – Features and Benefits

Before we being, It is true to a certain level that this list of bookie software features is subjective. However, it is subjective in the sense that this is what professional bookies use to operate a successful bookie operation.

Features any Sportsbook Software should include

The most important part of what a bookie software does for a sportsbook are player management, lines managements and reporting. This is because these are the absolute minimum that a bookie needs to successfully operate a profitable sportsbook.

Live Betting or Micro Betting – Today, a live betting software and platform is a must for any bookmaking operation. In fact, all major sportsbooks now offer this feature as it significantly increases their betting handle. Players like live betting because they get almost instant gratification after placing their bet. IN addition, they also get more betting options which once again increases the betting handle.

Player Prop Bet Generator – Today, competitive sportsbooks are the ones that offer the most gambling options. However, adding more options comes at a price for both the player and the bookie. That is unless the sportsbook offers a Player Prop Bet Builder like offers its customers. Such a feature lets customers create their own proposition bet which automatically generates the odds for them!

Turnkey Bookie Solution in the form of a Pay Per Head – When opening any business, time is of the essence. Therefore, having a turnkey sports betting software solution is a must in order to succeed. This comes in the form of a white label sportsbook or a sportsbook pay per head solution.

Mobile Support – This one is a given and today, all gaming software should have a mobile platform or an app. If the bookie software does not even have that, do not bother with it.

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