Sports Betting in Kentucky Starts on September 7

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 09:54 am

Wagering in Kentucky is not unfamiliar territory in the state, seeing as residents spend millions each year betting on horse racing. After all, one of the most popular races, the Kentucky Derby, is not just named after the state. But is also held at Churchill Downs, one of the most historic and prestigious racetracks in the world. But sports betting in Kentucky starts on September 7, and residents will now have more options available.

If you look at your Price Per Head Sportsbook, you will notice that you can offer your players three main betting product. These are sports betting, horse racing, and casino games. Kentucky residents have been limited to just horse racing. But starting next week, they will be able to place wagers on everything from baseball, to the NFL, NBA, and other sports events from around the world.

Sports Betting in Kentucky Starts with Pre-Registration

Sports Betting in Kentucky Starts on September 7While betting will not start for another few days, eligible residents can now pre-register in their preferred online sportsbooks. This started on August 28. The aim of this measure is to prevent technical problems that sportsbooks might face with a surge of registration hits them on opening day.

The registration process only allows residents to create an account. They will not be able to deposit money or place wagers until sports betting officially goes live. As for retail betting, bettors can visit and place wagers as early as September 7. The state is practicing a tier-style of launching sportsbooks. This gives the state the chance to test out the policies set in place before the actual rollout. In this practice, its common to allow retail betting first, then online wagering to follow.

Kentucky will be the 38th state in the country to offer online sports betting. Wagering will help generate millions in tax revenue for the state. As for residents, they now have not just retail venues to place bets, but online sportsbooks which are convenient to use. With immediate access to betting lines, live sportsbook customer service, and other features, it will be easy for those in Kentucky to enjoy wagering on their favorite teams.


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