Betting Guide to NFL Week 1

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 01:45 pm

Betting Guide to NFL Week 1It has been almost 7 months since the Chiefs took down the Eagles to become the Super Bowl LVII champions. However, a new football betting season is starting and sportsbooks are already taking wager on the first game.  The 2023 NFL season starts this Thursday on September 7 and NFL fans and gamblers are eagerly awaiting the kickoff! Thus, here is our 2023 Betting Guide to NFL Week 1 for the best games to watch.

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Last NFL season, the first few weeks was all about the defense getting beat up making for high scoring games. However, it all came to an end as defensive coordinators made quick adjustments to limit explosive plays. Thus, the overall team scoring went from 21.9 points to 21 points per game. Will this trend continue again this year? Let’s take a look at a few games to see what kind of action we will get this year.

Betting Guide to NFL Week 1 – Best Games to Watch

Detroit Lions vs Kansas City Chiefs on September 7, 2023

The first regular NFL season will kick off at 8:20 PM ET at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansa City, MO. There are several reasons as to why this is a must game to watch. The first is that this is the first game of the season. The second reason is because we are talking about the Chiefs who are the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Even though the Lions are not a marquee team, they will be attempting to reach the playoff this year. Furthermore, they are a team that have shown a lot of improvement going 3-13 in 2021 to 9-8 in 2022. Therefore, we expect an exciting showdown between both teams.

Green bay Packers vs Chicago Bears on September 10, 2023

This is the game that will determine whether trading Aaron Rodgers was a good decision or not. Jordan Love will be at the helm for the team and he has a lot on his shoulder this season.

Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets on September 11, 2023

This is a must-see game to watch. Not just because it is the first Monday Night football game of the season. It is also because Aaron Rodgers will debut with the Jets after playing for the packers for 18 seasons.

Needless to say, Rodgers has a lot of pressure going on and the bar is high for the legendary quarterback. Therefore, they need a win to make a statement that joining the Jets was the right decision.

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