How Many Hours Does a Bookie Work in a Day?

How Many Hours Does a Bookie Work in a Day?When you read all about being a bookie, you may wonder about the working hours of the job. You will find out that compared to other jobs or businesses, there is more flexibility in terms of schedule. Bookies do not work 9-5 jobs. Nor are they required to work a certain number of hours each day or week. If this is the case, then how many hours does a bookie work in a day?

Traditionally, bookies would work longer hours since tasks are manually done. For one, managing the betting lines was a bit more time consuming. Then, computing the payouts and winnings of each bettor would take longer as well.

But nowadays, using an Online Bookie Software Solution makes everything easy for bookies. It automates a lot of processes that makes a bookie’s job less time-consuming. It also increases your efficiency, so you are also more productive even if you work less hours.

How Many Hours Does a Bookie Work in a Day?

If you want to own your own sportsbook, you can easily learn how to be a bookie with a Pay Per Head sportsbook software. Most, if not all bookies already use this pay per head system. It is, after all, the most cost-efficient and effective bookie software in the market today.

A pay per head software allows you to take care of line management. Sports betting odds are adjusted by your provider based on changes in the market. As a bookie, you will need to check the activity of your sportsbook. Then you need to see if any of these lines need further adjustment. This process can take a few minutes, since you only need to look at the lines that you are getting wagers on.

Payout are also done easily, since amounts are computed by the software. So, when a player makes a request for payouts, you just need to process the transfers. Depending on the number of players and the method of payment, this can go anywhere from minutes to an hour or more.


The Bookie Schedule

In essence, a bookie’s life is much easier with a pay per head software. You will need to check on the latest sports news, look at your sportsbook’s lines, monitor player activity, and process payouts. Each of these tasks take minutes of your time only. Of course, game time can also be busy since you might be getting in play bets and such.

Monitoring the lines during games is probably the most time-consuming task you will have. But it is still not as tedious as it seems. All in all, bookies tend to have a more intermittent schedule. It means that you can check in and work for a few minutes at a time throughout the day. In fact, some bookies also still maintain their full-time jobs or businesses since their PPH software makes it easier for bookies to manage their tasks.

This means that on less busy days, it probably takes just an hour or so, while busier days can be a few hours. Peak days would probably keep you buys for scattered hours that would total 5-6 hours or more- depending on the number of players you have. So, there is no exact number of hours that bookies work, but it definitely does not take as much time as a desk job would- its also more exciting since it is sports we are talking about here as well. If you are enjoying watching 10 games of football in a day, might as well earn well from it, right?


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