How to Analyze and Beat your Sportsbook Competition

Analyze and Beat your Sportsbook CompetitionSmall bookies often lose the will to expand their business because they already know their competitors.  This is because they get do not think they can compete with larger sportsbooks that already have a solid reputation. However, this is far from the truth.  It is possible to improve and overtake them by simply taking the time to analyze their operation.  Thus, this bookie tutorial will teach you How to Analyze and Beat your Sportsbook Competition the fast and easy way.

Furthermore, not knowing your sportsbook competition will make your sports betting business complacent.  This is because information is power and knowing what they will do next in the gambling market is essential.

Our tutorial on how to be a bookie will focus on the following ways to find and analyze your competition.   The first step will be to find your direct sportsbook competition and then how to compare your market to them. Last will be how to compare your business to them to find your strength and weaknesses.

Analyze and Beat your Sportsbook Competition

Find your Direct Sportsbook Competitors

They are thousands of sportsbooks out there and it would be useless to compare yourself to all of them. This is why you want to find your Direct Sportsbook Competitors as they are the ones that matter.

Thus, you want to be realistic and find sportsbooks that are directly in competition with your target market.  For example, if your bettors are in the U.S., then a sportsbook in Korea is not your competitor.  You want to look for sportsbooks that target the same players and area as you.

Therefore, Joe Bookie in the next neighborhood is probably a direct sportsbook competitor.  Ideally, you want to find the top 10 sportsbook competitors and rank yourself amongst them.

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Compare your Market with your Direct Sportsbook Competitors.

Now that you know your competitors, it’s time to examine your sports betting market and analyze it.  The reason goal is to find areas you dominate, where your competitors dominate, where you are both present and where neither are present.

Once you have that information, you can make intelligent decisions as to the next step your sportsbook should take. Thus, by creating a simple comparison chart, you can decide which area you need to improve.  Furthermore, you will be able to make plans on how enter a market with no competitive presence ad more!

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